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Good communicators tell good stories. Great communicators invite you to experience a compelling story. Teresa is a great communicator. Whether she is sharing timeless truths from God's Word or sharing the adventure that is her life, Teresa has been uniquely gifted to captivate any audience.

- Nirup Alphonse
LifeGate - Denver, Colorado
Lead Pastor

Our MOPS group has had the privilege of hearing Teresa both as our keynote speaker for our Spring Tea and as our retreat speaker.  At over 100 moms, its hard to find a speaker as dynamic and inspiring as Teresa that can also reach moms on so many topics. Across the board she was rated one of our favorite speakers and her passion for Jesus, family, and life really inspire heart changes.

- Kristen Lee
Cherry Hills Community Church - Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Teresa was able to connect to the hearts of our ladies, bringing them into her world and allowing them the opportunity to join in on the journey growing closer to the heart of God. She is a wonderful speaker with a life to share and a passion to connect, helping others to see how they can live out the story God has written for them.

- Mande Chapman
City Church - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Global Missions Pastor

When Teresa speaks she doesn't just tell stories. She grabs hold of your heart and makes you feel like you are more than just another face in the crowd. I was encouraged, touched, and changed by Teresa's words. She is real and raw in her approach to sharing her journey, and that's something more speakers need to be!

- Melissa Moliterno
Pursuit Retreat - Rome, Georgia

Frequently-requested talks & speeches:

Beautifully Interrupted

My most requested (and favorite talk) where I share about giving our stories back to God. We plan and plan and often accidentally plan Him right out of it all. I talk about what happened in my own life when I opened my hands to Him and gave it all over to the Lord. I also cover how to live well in a period of wait, in massive storms, and how to trust Him through fear. All this (and more) is wrapped around encouraging ladies to know His plans are so much more exciting than anything we could dream up ourselves!

4 Traits of a Woman of Purpose

Digging into chapters one and two of 1 Samuel, we look at Hannah's life as she goes from a woman deeply hurting from infertility and unfulfilled dreams to one whose prayers were answered, but not in the way she expected. There is so much about this dear woman that we can relate to today in relation to: Authenticity, trusting and praying fervently, honoring our promises, and living ablaze with praise and adoration. If your group wants to dive into the scriptures in realization that the Old Testament is anything but boring, this will be right up your alley.

Take Joy

Rather than simply choosing joy...we should consider it a gift given by God. Something He asks us to receive, taking it and grasping it tightly with both hands, no matter what the circumstances...and to be comfortable (and joyful!) in discomfort.

Open Your Door + finDing your people

Acts 28:30 shares that, For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. We need to do the same whether we're in an apartment, a house that feels too imperfect, or wherever we call home! In a world that's never been so connected (social media, etc), it's somehow easy to feel disconnected and lonely. I talk about how to find "our people" with the simple act of inviting people in. Though as an introvert, I struggle to get out of my comfort zone, I realized I was waiting for people to come to me. Invite me. And I discovered we're all waiting for someone else to do the inviting!  Sharing my own story, I also share tips and ideas to do this well...and yet simply. Your gifting doesn't have to be in hospitality to invite people in and love on them. Anyone with a heart for living with intention, warmth, and neighborliness can be used greatly.

Becoming a Bible Nerd

Bringing my (free) Bible Nerd guide to an interactive setting, we'll dive into living a life of intention when it comes to opening up God's Word. So many of us have the desire to read and study the Scriptures, we just don't know where to start and how to do it well. You will learn how to break apart Scripture and rebuild it in a way that makes sense, as well as tips and tricks I've learned through the years. Bible Nerd will change the way you study and strengthen your relationship with Christ… just like it did mine. Whether the women in your group have followed Jesus for 5 minutes or 5 decades, there is wisdom to glean as we open our Bibles together. 

January 17 | New Life Church . Aurora, CO

February 1 | Rockland Community Church . Golden, CO

February 15 | Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church . Greenwood Village, CO

March 15-21 | Abide Family Center . Jinja, Uganda

March 24-26 | The Salvation Army Royal Oak Corps (Women's Retreat) . Royal Oak, MI

April 6 | Darling! . Mile High Station . Denver, CO

May 2 | Eastern Hills Community Church . Aurora, CO

May 4 | Cherry Hills Community Church . Highlands Ranch, CO

May 5 | North Metro Church . Thornton, CO

July 14-16 | Cherry Hills MOPs Stars Retreat . Glen Eryie, CO

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Take Joy, Teresa