It might sound super cheesy, but I really am excited you’ve found us!

This blog used to be known as Hugs & Punches, so if you were looking for that, you're in the right place!


I know there are about a bazillion blogs out there…so the fact that you’ve chosen to stop by and spend some time with me makes me want to stand on my chair and throw confetti around!

Not because I care about numbers and followers, but because I’m excited that God may use me and my words or experiences to bring you closer to Him.



Whether it’s in your walk with Christ, or through posts about parenting and adoption, celebrating your friends or family, or even prettying up your home through a fun little DIY.


Though we're an ever-growing family (2 biological boys 15 months apart & 4 beautiful kids from Ethiopia) and I talk about adoption here and there, this isn't necessarily an Adoption Blog.


Several of our kids are at the age where they want their stories to be private. And since they are their stories to tell, I've had to figure out what that looks like and how to respect them...while still encouraging you.


I love ambiance and want to provide a beautiful place for you to sit and rest for a few moments. To be emboldened + inspired in life with God and with your kids.

I want to provide the opportunity for us moms to remove ourselves…if only momentarily…from the mess of laundry and dishes and a million to-do’s…I want to serve you and arrange a place where we can sit and exhale for a few minutes.


Even if I can’t do it by sitting over a meal or cup of coffee, I have a deep desire to build a place where we can get filled up, when we feel like all we do is pour out.

I do my best to be real and honest about life, our struggles, and how God stretches me through (so many) mistakes along the way.


So, welcome! I hope this becomes a place of joy and nourishment!

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