my oil journey



I get it. You see postings about it all over social seems everywhere you turn, someone is talking about them.

I thought they were a fad and hocus pocus for so long. But I can tell you now after using them for a few They have been a massive help in supporting the health of myself and our family.

Emotional support, gut health, fertility support, brain health, immunity, antioxidants, and so much more can be gained through essential oils!

We use oils before bed and as we ready ourselves in the morning. I diffuse combinations throughout the day depending what my needs are, and the kids even have rollers they bring with them to school when focus becomes a struggle.

And skin has never felt softer and healthier!

Did you know you can even use them with your pets?

I've realized the past few years how even my "natural" cleaning products are full of toxins and have rid our home of nearly all of them.

Curious if your "all natural" products are actually full of toxins, too?

These helpful apps will tell you the ingredients in the product and break the information down for you...why it's a great choice...or what makes it potentially harmful to your health.

Skin Deep is put out by the EWG and is most accurate and I'd use it first. But if you're not finding your product on the app (Skin Deep adds more products to their library all the time), then use Think Dirty. Shop Clean.'s app.

For so long, I didn't make the switch simply because I didn't trust that our house could honestly get clean without chemicals (which with six kids, is FULL of germs!).

I was SO wrong.

We now use essential oils when cleaning our house!

I use this for our dishes, this for laundry, and this for pretty much everything else!! And P.S. it smells amazing.

DIY yourself to a chemical free home!

I promise...these are easy and only take a few minutes to make!