You're Invited to the 5th Annual

Let's Party Like Girls!

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Are you exhausted by the pace of life, feeling completely tapped out? Perhaps you feel like you’re in “survival mode” and have nothing left to give, or are just in a crazy-busy season of life. Maybe it’s just been awhile since you’ve done something for yourself or felt like you have community.

If that’s where you are, I get it. I’ve been there.

My goal is to curate an evening of beauty. One where we can replenish your cup, so you can once again pour out. This is an event for ladies who love pretty details, friendship, and making a difference in the lives of others. Let us love on you in a way that leaves you feeling full - in heart, mind, and spirit.

Because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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Friday, November 16th . 7:00pm

We want to pour into you early this year…so you feel ready and refreshed for the bustling Christmas season!


The Home of Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

The Greenwood Village, CO address will be released after your ticket has been purchased.

(Don’t forget to check out last year’s photos!)




We will be partnering with The Denver Dream Center again this year to give gifts to local children whose parent(s) are incarcerated. Through an Angel Tree, we’ll get to love on these kids who miss their mom or dad and whose families are struggling in such a way that they won't likely receive other gifts at Christmas.

Every child deserves a little extra magic during the Christmas season, right?? 

But get this...

While we have an evening that feeds into these women and children in need, you will also be poured into with giveaways + raffles! We have a wonderful group of women supporting our evening with some really special items.

The more Angel Tree tags you slip off the tree (one tag = one gift for one child), the more raffle tickets you receive…to win things that will totally make you squeal + jump up and down! I can't wait to lavish them onto you!!

Are you a small business owner, author, or artist?

Email hello@TeresaSwanstromAnderson.com for information on being part of this impactful evening!!

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This year we’re introducing tickets as the way to RSVP for the evening.

Why are we doing this?

Well…because quite honestly, this event has grown into something bigger than even I imagined. For the past four years, I’ve planned, hosted, paid for, and loved every minute of this event. Due to scale and cost however, it is now time to charge a nominal fee for such an enriching evening. It’s just not sustainable otherwise.

With this though, we will no longer ask you to bring a bottle of wine or something to contribute! This year, we’ve reached out to even more incredible partners + sponsors to donate wine, dessert, prizes, and more, which means you won’t be asked to bring anything but your beautiful self!

The cost of your ticket will pay for anything we were unable to secure via sponsorship…resulting in the opportunity to donate even more funds to The Denver Dream Center!!! Yay!!


Click here for my initial inspiration as well as Year 1Year 2, Year 3, and (last year) Year 4!

Take Joy,


A huge thank you to:

. Kristiina @mockstockandroll for the incredible pics from last year’s event!

. Sarah @somethingstyledco and Alicia @alicialewinphotography for allowing us to use the beautiful photo of the girl holding the floral cocktail.