Gone are the days of the Tuperware party…right? Nope.

Purposeful parties have long been a thing as women share their love of a product. Sometimes it’s ethically sourced jewelry or essential oils, and sometimes it’s shedding light on the products we use on ourselves and in our homes (enter Beautycounter).

With Beautycounter, the pressure is gone because once someone understands the importance of clean and safe skincare, they’ll be jumping to be part of the movement.

Whether it’s a Get-together on social media or in person, the perks are plentiful. As a Host, you’re inviting your loved ones to learn more about safer alternatives to the beauty products they’re already using…all while receiving free and discounted items that you’ve had on your wishlist.

The negatives? Between hanging with your girls, educating about safe products, and getting free stuff…I just can’t think of any!