July (Free Printable) Calendar + Fun Summertime Ideas!

Our kids don't often say "I'm bored!"...but when they do, we often head to Pinterest and pick something fun to get us out of a slump. Whether it's activities with fidget spinners (I still don't get the draw of those things), games with water balloons, or fun and goofy science experiments, there's enough fun stuff in here for every day of summer!

As your kids scroll through these ideas, brainstorm what neighbors and friends you could invite over to take part in the fun!

Maybe you and your kids could even write up a list of children from your neighborhood to invite in so your kids begin understanding how simple it can be to live a life of hospitality. As you print out this month's calendar, write those names into various days, inviting them to take part in these fun and goofy activities.

Not only will no one be bored...you'll be showing your family how to live with an open door!

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Fun Summertime Ideas

(list approved by my kids!)

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Do you have any favorite summer activities? Tell us about them below in the comments (or link it)!


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(free printable) June calendar!

Are your kids out of school yet? Every morning mine are already asking me, "What's the plan? What are we doing today?" and "When are we going to the mountains? When are we headed to the zoo and hiking and doing our outdoor movies?"

Rather than allowing them to make my head spin with all their questions, always asking to see the calendar on my phone as well as my Anchored Press planner, I decided I'd print out a calendar to tack up on the bulletin board in our kitchen.

That way they can see exactly what days we have plans and what days they know they can laze around, ride bikes to the pool, and play with their neighborhood friends.

I thought I'd make it available to you, too!! Just in case your kids are big question-askers like mine are.

I'll commit to making a new one for July, August, and September, getting us through the summer months. And if y'all are liking having them, I can continue each month after that! Let me know if you want them to continue! Happy to oblige! ; )


Take Joy,


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Getting to know your kids better with the (updated) 4 Gift Rule + free printable tags

We've done the "Four Gift Rule" for gosh...maybe five years now?

And just absolutely love it.

We first began because we had recently brought home some of our adopted kids and felt burdened to just tone-down the excess in life. And in Christmas.

Christmas four gifts 10

We wanted to be more intentional in our gift-giving with the kids, not simply buying something because they might like it and then purchase something else because it was on sale and they'd mentioned it once, and then wrap up yet another toy I found last year and forgot about in the back of the closet...you get the idea.

That's how we gave gifts to our kids before switching gears.

Can you relate??

Christmas four gifts 3

For several years in a row however, we've done...

. Something you Want .

. Something to Read .

. Something to Wear .

And last year we switched from...

. Something you Need (because, truly...they have all they need.) to instead, Something we'll Do .

Christmas four gifts 9

This particular gift is our kids favorite because we get to do fun one-on-one dates that are right up their alley.

Things like, dinner at a fancy restaurant, tickets to a monster truck rally, heading downtown for the Art Walk, having our nails painted at a nice spa, going to a play, or an afternoon at the arcade.

Every family has to be deliberate with dates with their children, and having a family our size definitely takes major intentionality. It's important to us though, so we make them happen throughout the year.

These Christmastime dates are just a little bigger...a bit more special than simply having a hot chocolate and croissants at Starbucks.

Christmas four gifts 2

The Want gift is probably the hardest to purchase, believe it or not.

I think it's because Ben and I have to brainstorm together in finding hands-down, the one gift they want more than any others.

It forces us to really know our children and their likes and interests at this exact moment in their lives.

Christmas four gifts 1

Most of our kids are complete and total bookworms so sitting down and writing down ideas on the one book that would thrill them more than any other also helps us pay extra attention to where they're at in both interest and reading level.

Christmas four gifts

Something to Wear doesn't have to be as boring as it sounds.

Don't worry, we're not gifting socks and underwear here.

Instead, it's things like an NFL jersey we wouldn't typically spend money on, a sparkly "twirling" dress, or even something like this sweatshirt (for Abreham...shhhh) that will instill confidence in who they are and remind our kids how we see them.

Christmas four gifts 8

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Christmas four gifts 5

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Christmas four gifts 4

(click here to download plaid tags)

stripe - double - pink

What do you think of this idea...would you change up the way you do Christmas?

What Christmas traditions do you have in your family!!

Comment below... I'd love to hear them + maybe add 'em to what we do!

Click here for more of our Christmas traditions + here for how we do Christmas.

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