What do YOU need to learn HOW to study Scripture?

I've been praying how to help women study the Bible in a way that helps them feel more comfortable and gain confidence. I think we often want to spend more time in the Word, but don't know where to start and when we do open it and read, we sort of gloss over much of it because we don't understand what it's actually saying.

My husband and I used to give one of our boys a hard time because he’d plop on the couch and flip his novel open to whatever page he felt like. He didn’t use a bookmark, he didn’t begin at chapter one, he didn’t have any rhyme or reason in his reading. He just knew he was supposed to read for 30 minutes. It was getting through the task that he was concerned about, not learning about the character development, storyline, or anything else.

I think we often do the same thing when we do our Quiet Time with the Lord. We have 15 or 30 minutes to spend with Him and don’t really know where to begin so we open the Bible up at our favorite verse, where our pastor had preached from the previous Sunday, or even at some random spot because, “it’s all good, right??”.

And though yes, there are most certainly things to be learned on each and every page, but we’re reading like my son. How could we possibly become women of the Word if we don’t actually understand the Word? We need to study in a way that we’re learning the cultural and historical background, the character development, and ultimate Purpose.

But how do we do that?

How then do we start?

If this is you, then YAY!! I'm so excited that you're here reading this before it's even complete! Want to know why??

Because I'd love to know your thoughts and where you struggle.

I want to know what hinders you from delving into the scriptures and becoming infused with excitement as you read each verse and turn each page.

Whatever it is. Maybe it's boring. Maybe you fall asleep reading! Perhaps you don't know where to begin or how to study yourself, without a pre-written study guide. Whether you're a new Christian or have been clinging to Jesus for decades, it's ok to admit that we're lost when it comes to the Bible.

I'm calling the book Bible Nerd: learning to be a student of the Word and it will be a seven-to-ten-day ebook study (I haven't quite decided how long yet!) that will teach you the basics on how to study well and in a way that God's Word begins to come alive.

My dear friend Amy Kavelaris is drawing up our Bible Nerd girls to be included throughout the book, but I'm thinking we may need some prayer journals, mugs, and other fun items...because these illustrations are just so cute.

Remember what she did for our Adoration study??


So get your inner Bible Nerd on and share your thoughts and struggles below.

You can make up names if you're embarrassed to share your insecurities and struggles surrounding the Scriptures, I totally don't even care.

I just want to make sure this is an ebook that will truly help you learn to open your Bible with confidence. 

If we want to be bold women who love God deeply, we must be women of the Word. We must love Scripture in a way that surpasses other’s opinion and research. To become a Bible Nerd, we must become a student of the Word. Right?! Right.

Take Joy,