TIPS for When You Don't Have the Perfect Vase

There’s just something about a house full of fresh flowers, right? Between Pinterest and friends who are crazy-talented, I’m learning little-by-little to stop wishing for a magical fairy to deliver gorgeous bunches to my doorstep each week…and instead figure out how to arrange them myself!

flower-lovers-2 (1).png

Here’s the thing though, I got rid of almost all my vases a few years ago because I was so tired of storing them and decided to start thinking outside the box instead. I wanted to use items that were more multi-purpose, things I already had around the house.

From that, this quickly become my favorite way to display my little flower obsession:


Yep, it's a candle holder. I grabbed several of them awhile back when they were on clearance at Target and now use them (and others like them) all. the. time.

Here’s a little secret for both keeping the flowers standing tall…and creating a beautifully full arrangement without purchasing a ton of stems (which if you’re not careful, can get spendy).


All you do is tape a grid onto the top of whatever large-mouthed vessel you choose or have on hand (Ideally, I’d use floral tape but I’m a big fan of washi tape because I always have it on hand).

You'll notice you can slightly see the tape on the side after all the flowers have been placed into the holes, but I kind of like it. Maybe it's just that I like black + white matter how it's displayed.


Major blog-tutorial fail...I was so excited about getting all these pretty little flowers arranged that I forgot to take a "during" photo. Oops!! But you’re smart, you get the jist of it, right?

Simply place the shorter-stemmed flowers toward the edges and those a tiny bit longer, toward the center.


Continue filling your vessel until you can no longer see the taped grid and you'll have a perfectly full arrangement that looks straight out of a magazine!

Don't you love how the tape holds the flowers into place in their own little squares so they don't flop around?!

(you can see I use these candle holders as vases a TON!)


floral tips:

1 | It's just my personal preference but I typically take off all/almost all the leaves on a stem. If you need the extra fullness, by all means leave it on there. But I like the flowers to be the main attraction and not distracted by the greenery.

2 | Another personal preference is cutting the stems down further than you'd think, enough that they don't show very much. The flowers clump together so beautifully when they're short!

3 | It's easiest if you put water in before the flowers. Especially when using washi tape (which is made of paper)...true to form, water and paper do not mix so be careful or the tape will come right off!

4 | To increase the longevity of your arrangement, make sure to remove any leaves/greenery that will be in water.

5 | I love when roses are fully open, almost looking like english roses. If you’d like your tightly closed rose buds to look this way, too, use warm (not hot) water when placing them into the vessel.


Grocery store flowers never looked so beautiful!! Let me know what you think!!

Take Joy,