quinoa chocolate cake {gluten free}

quinoa chocolate cake

chocolate quinoa cake

The other day my kids wanted to bake. I wanted to try something new so I headed over to my best friend Kiesha's recipes on Pinterest because I admire the way she eats {ie: healthy} and has lots of vegan, gluten free, etc ideas.

Through her...I found this delightful surprise.

quinoa chocolate cake 3

I know it sounds weird...quinoa in chocolate cake?

it was amazing

quinoa chocolate cake 4

I served it after dinner that night and Ben was less than excited. He whispered to me that he'd take a few bites so he wouldn't hurt the kids feelings, but he said "it sounds disgusting".

want to know how many


quinoa chocolate cake 1

Try it. It's even better the 2nd day!

try it


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