An Evening to Nourish - June (table decor)

Last Thursday night was June's Evening to Nourish!

And ohhhhmygosh it was amazing.

nourish june 1

The theme (if you want to call it that) of the evening derived from finding this gorgeous wrapping paper over at Tiny Prints.

And...get's editable.

I realize the paper is supposed to say something like "with love, the Anderson Family". Or "Happy Birthday" since after all, it is gift wrap.

But instead, it lended itself perfectly to displaying the name of our evening..."An Evening to Nourish" and repurpose it as a table runner.

nourish june 23

 The paper is thick and glossy and I really think if it hadn't rained (actually poured + thunder stormed) at the end of our night, I'd have been able to use it as a table runner again another time.

nourish june 22

Once again, I lucked out in finding some great flowers in the Clearance section at our neighborhood grocery store.

Do you ever look there?? I find the best deals!

Using this technique, I bunched the flowers together into old soup cans that I've been saving.

nourish june

I didn't have enough silverware to set the table for all the ladies coming (I swear my kids are throwing them in the trash or something), so my sweet friend AnnMarie brought over hers to mix in.

I love that it all looks a little mismatched yet coordinates because it's like in color and style.

Just like my plates!

I'm collecting vintage floral china and have been frequenting antique markets, garage sales, and thrift stores looking for random one-offs. I have far from a collection, but I now have enough to mix in with my regular China.

My most recent find was this week at Goodwill (for 25 cents)!!

nourish june 11

Several months ago, Joss & Main showcased a great collection of wedding tableware and I couldn't resist getting a few things, like these laced (painted) tea lights and wooden place card holders.

nourish june 20

Aren't they so fun?! Though truthfully anyone with a branch and a saw could probably make them.

(If you do, tag me on the photo...I want to see!)

nourish june 2

I absolutely love pairing polkadots and stripes so I had so much fun playing around on Illustrator making our menus and place cards.

We had Street Tacos and Mexican chopped salad, and blood orange sorbet for dessert.

And yes...don't worry...I'll be sharing those recipes (and more!) later on in the week.

nourish june 6 printables



I will send out both blank menu cards as well as one with our menu on it, in case you would like to use the same recipes we did!


Caviar Dreams, Bebas Neue - Menu Cards

Coneria Script - Place Cards


nourish june 19

take joy-signature-new-pink


a colorful winter wreath for under $30

wreath 11

I've mentioned before that I just can't believe how expensive wreaths are. It's crazy to me! I simply cannot justify $100 or more on something so pretty but will become quickly battered by the weather.

So if I can't find a crazy deal on one...I just make my own.


A few weeks ago as I was starting to brainstorm our Let's Party Like Girls night, I came across this Design Love Fest photo on Instagram.

Isn't this wreath GORGEOUS?!

I love it's silhouette and thought I'd attempt to make my own version!

wreath 1

But guess what...I made mine solely with items found at Michael's and Walmart. (yep, I said Walmart. I know, crazy)

While in Walmart, I first headed to the Floral Section where I found the grapevine wreath, several of the faux flowers, and greenery. Then deciding maybe I could find more winter looking items in the Christmas area, I loaded my basket full of branches of faux pine, silver frosted pinecones, and greenery with sparkly silver balls. Perfect!

Michael's provided the rest of the faux flowers.

wreath 3

Ok I did grab a few branches from the backyard, too.

Starting toward the bottom, I bent the evergreen branch around the grapevine wreath, tying it in several places and allowing the sprigs to cascade off the side.

I used zip ties, but if you have thin wire or even twist ties from your breadbox, you could use those instead.

wreath 6

Cutting the faux branches shorter with a wire cutter, I arranged the greenery and pinecones first.

Then stuck them into place with my hot glue gun.

Some branch stems I left long and sort of wove through the grapevine to hold them into place.

wreath 7

Once I had all the greenery where I thought I wanted it, I hung the partially-finished wreath up on the door to see how it looked and got an idea of where I wanted the flowers to spread out out on top.

wreath 8

Now my favorite part: adding all the color!

I cut the stems down short and affixed the faux flowers with the hot glue.

wreath 5

Though it was becoming really pretty, I felt our wreath was missing something so I decided to grab some black and white striped ribbon (also from Michael's) from another wreath I was no longer using.

Folding the ribbon upon itself a few times, I tied it in the middle with another zip tie, turning it into a quick little bow.

wreath 4

Leaving the end long, I simply stuck the plastic zip tie into the branches of the wreath (you can also just hot glue it in).

wreath 10

Once the wreath was hung, I stuck the last few flowers in any "holes" or spots that seemed to need more fullness.

wreath 9 Don't tell Bri over at Design Love Fest...but I secretly like mine better.

'Course I'm a sucker for how could I not??

wreath 2

Think you might try making your own? 

If you do, tag me on your pics...I'd love to see!!

take joy-signature-new-pink