How to host a party that fills buckets

Weeks have gone by since I held our 3rd Annual Let's Party Like Girls night, yet I have still to share about it!

I have a little secret to tell you, though. It was my best party ever.

Want to know why?

Because it had heart. It had purpose.

It wasn't just a party, it was a night of filling up when we were empty. And giving back because we have something to give.


I have to admit, I don't necessarily think it was my prettiest party, though it was definitely lovely. Other than some new streamers because my other ones had gotten ruined and (real!) pineapples we spray painted gold, I didn't even purchase a thing.

The food wasn't catered like it had been in the past. Instead, I headed to Costco, got creative myself, and actually said "YES!" when friends asked if they could bring something.

I think the Lord swiped His hand atop our home that night, because it just felt blessed. And I love that there seemed to be more ladies over that I didn't know, than those I did.

It was a rough night for a party. Our community's Christmas party was the same night, as was a big parade downtown. Festivities had begun and office, church, and other excuses to gather were in abundance. And yet we had about 40 women.

Several friends who couldn't make it but had come in years past, encouraged their friends to come anyway, spreading the word that "it's a night not to be missed." And those that could come, brought a carful of ladies along with them...all dressed to party and reconnect.

Instagram friends became real-life friends. Neighbors new to our street became dear to my heart by the time they walked back home. 

We gathered in our living room at one point, with the purpose of sharing about Denver Dream Center. We had an additional tree set up next to the piano full of names of children with fathers in incarceration and families in our city with great need.

By the following morning, every card was gone. 40 children and a handful of families...all sponsored in honor of our Lord's birthday. You amazing world-changing women stepped up and now these families had gifts on Christmas!

Several of you who saw my posting on social media even reached out and though you didn't live nearby or were able to party with us, you still sponsored a child, or two, or five!

Love may have been poured out to others in need as each card was pulled from the tree...but my desire was to pour out love on the ladies inside my own home, as well.

Giveaways such as a Kids Advent journal, Anchored Press devotional planners, Noonday Collection jewelry, a bag from JOYN, goodies from Fair Trade Friday, Bought Beautifully, gold-foiled prints, journals, and even a beautiful (original!) fashion illustration were gifted to squealing ladies.

I also gave away books I love...some by friends and some by ladies I'd like to be friends with: Curious Faith, Looking for Lovely, The Nesting Place, Loving my Actual Life, Girl Meets Change, Hello Beauty Full, and a few others.

For many of the gifts, I pulled names from a hat. But for others, I'd describe the book or explain the heart around something and toss it onto the ground in front of me saying, "Whoever feels like they need this in their current season, grab it quick!"

Even if you don't have the ability to gift things like I did, what about making a slew of luxurious sugar scrubs, pouring them into little glass jars. Or maybe print out a stack of your favorite Bible Verses and tie them up with a pretty bow. Or even go crazy and have a few freezer meals to gift! Maybe not everyone would receive one...but how pampered would those feel who did?!

Think outside the box. It doesn't need to cost much, it just needs to come from the heart.

Not everyone at our party left with a giveaway item, but even if they did not, they left full. Empty turned to overflowing. Buckets filled so we may fill.

And that was the whole point of the night anyway, right?

Thanks to all of you who Airdropped photos to me throughout the evening! 'Cuz I kept forgetting to take them!

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Take Joy,


P.S. If you're ever in need of pretty cookies, turn it into a craft project with the kids! A package or two of colorful macroons, sugared flowers (I got ours from Michael's), and a little icing as glue...and suddenly they're fancy!

I also had a little edible gold leaf from another party and added a little extra glam!

a colorful winter wreath for under $30

wreath 11

I've mentioned before that I just can't believe how expensive wreaths are. It's crazy to me! I simply cannot justify $100 or more on something so pretty but will become quickly battered by the weather.

So if I can't find a crazy deal on one...I just make my own.


A few weeks ago as I was starting to brainstorm our Let's Party Like Girls night, I came across this Design Love Fest photo on Instagram.

Isn't this wreath GORGEOUS?!

I love it's silhouette and thought I'd attempt to make my own version!

wreath 1

But guess what...I made mine solely with items found at Michael's and Walmart. (yep, I said Walmart. I know, crazy)

While in Walmart, I first headed to the Floral Section where I found the grapevine wreath, several of the faux flowers, and greenery. Then deciding maybe I could find more winter looking items in the Christmas area, I loaded my basket full of branches of faux pine, silver frosted pinecones, and greenery with sparkly silver balls. Perfect!

Michael's provided the rest of the faux flowers.

wreath 3

Ok I did grab a few branches from the backyard, too.

Starting toward the bottom, I bent the evergreen branch around the grapevine wreath, tying it in several places and allowing the sprigs to cascade off the side.

I used zip ties, but if you have thin wire or even twist ties from your breadbox, you could use those instead.

wreath 6

Cutting the faux branches shorter with a wire cutter, I arranged the greenery and pinecones first.

Then stuck them into place with my hot glue gun.

Some branch stems I left long and sort of wove through the grapevine to hold them into place.

wreath 7

Once I had all the greenery where I thought I wanted it, I hung the partially-finished wreath up on the door to see how it looked and got an idea of where I wanted the flowers to spread out out on top.

wreath 8

Now my favorite part: adding all the color!

I cut the stems down short and affixed the faux flowers with the hot glue.

wreath 5

Though it was becoming really pretty, I felt our wreath was missing something so I decided to grab some black and white striped ribbon (also from Michael's) from another wreath I was no longer using.

Folding the ribbon upon itself a few times, I tied it in the middle with another zip tie, turning it into a quick little bow.

wreath 4

Leaving the end long, I simply stuck the plastic zip tie into the branches of the wreath (you can also just hot glue it in).

wreath 10

Once the wreath was hung, I stuck the last few flowers in any "holes" or spots that seemed to need more fullness.

wreath 9 Don't tell Bri over at Design Love Fest...but I secretly like mine better.

'Course I'm a sucker for how could I not??

wreath 2

Think you might try making your own? 

If you do, tag me on your pics...I'd love to see!!

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Let's Party Like Girls (the importance of friends + inspiration)

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you probably noticed there was a little party over our way this past weekend.


(inspiration photo via Ashley L Beyer)

stripe - double - pink

Do you ever get so caught up with life...trying to be a rockstar mom and best wife ever, keeping up with school activities, sports, volunteering, Bible Study, work, laundry, carpooling, grocery shopping, more laundry, the never-ending house clean up...that you wake up one morning and realize, FRIENDS!

Do I even have friends anymore? I need girl time!

I need adult conversation and to shower and put on those heels I used to wear all the time. I need encouragement from my people!

So been there.

That was me a few weeks ago.

 So I decided to have a party, for no reason at all except I needed to see my people. I needed some time to connect. And I really, really wanted to love on them and for us all to be surrounded by a whole bunch of pretty. I wanted it to be all about us...just for one night.

A party...just for us.

Let's Party Like Girls Invite - front

(cake photo via The House That Lars Built . I placed the text on top)

stripe - double - pink

It kinda circles back to our book club selection this month (The Best Yes), don't ya think?

Yesterday I was reading our book and came across this quote...thought it was so appropriate for where I've been lately.

"I challenged (her) to simply pay attention to what was right in front of her. Had she seen indications that she and her husband needed a night together? Or had she seen that she needed to have some girl time and the invigorating conversation with friends? What had she seen as the strongest indication right in front of her lately? 

Pay attention to that."

My Best Yes was reconnecting with my people. Are you feeling that, too?

stripe - double - pink

Over the next few weeks, I'll share with you:

Simple DIY's I used at our party, a fantastic drink recipe, decor sources, and photos from our  fun night!!

...just in case you want to celebrate your friends and have a little party, too.


(inspiration photo via The House That Lars Built)

Want some inspiration?

Head on over to our Let's Party Like Girls Pinterest Page!

Let's Party Like Girls - pinterest

Can't wait to hear if any of you throw your own Let's Party Like Girls party! xo

Because sometimes we need a party for no reason other than to stop, enjoy one another, & reconnect.

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