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Remember awhile back when I posted how to make your Instagram photos better? Well, this past year, I have fallen in deeper love with this form of social media and quite honestly have met some pretty amazing friends through it.

Not only is IG a great way to meet like-minded people, but it's a huge platform builder for small business owners, bloggers, and really anyone wanting to grow a following.

But sometimes it's hard to know where to begin or what strategies work best...we're busy, we want to make sure we're spending our time wisely, and receiving the best ROI (return on investment), right?!


Well guess what?!

Meagan Ready + Stevie Cruz have teamed up to teach us how!

Enter a really awesome guide called, Instagram 101: A Photographer's Guide to Marketing on Instagram.

Ok're not a photographer? Me neither. It doesn't matter, it's truly for anyone.

And it's fantastic.

blossom guide

In this guide we learn...


It's like they've ridden in on a white horse and with the sole purpose of teaching anyone (yes, even if you're a complete novice) how to use this great form of social media.
And because we all love to win + get things for free...
TO enter, head over to Instagram...
1. Follow HugsandPunches
2. Follow @blossomguides
3. Share on your feed
4. Comment on the photo on my IG page that you've completed "both"
A winner will be chosen (using on Monday!
Stay tuned!!
The small print...
Join our Group // When purchasing this guide you will also be invited to join a community of fellow Instagram users in our private Facebook Group. In this group we will share tips and updates every week with small video clips, additional tutorials, pictures and more. You are cordially invited to join us here, an email invitation will be sent today. 
Mutual Support // The photography community is about mutual support and what better way that to see others who have taken this plunge into the Instagram marketing campaign. Find others by searching hashtag #InstagramGuideBlossom and make sure to use this hashtag on a few of your posts so others can find you as-well.
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our week in instagram

Do you love instagram as much as I do? I think it's so fun. I'm slightly addicted.

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dance class

Imani has just started dance class. It might be the cutest thing ever. She's super into it.


Our weather here in Denver has been so weird. One day it'll be 80...the next, we'll be wearing sweaters and building a fire. We did a lot of playing with trains this day.


Abreham had Districts for track this weekend. Love those Ethiopian genes!! He finished his mile {1st place} at 5:54, can you believe how fast he is?! It was so fun to cheer him on!

lemon bars

I love that our church has a coffee house in it. Ben got up to go to the bathroom & came back with a lemon bar treat for me. Love him.


I COULD NOT do all I do without such an amazing husband. He's the absolute best father, encourager, accountability partner, and love of my life.


Oh laundry, how I hate you and how you're never. ever. finished.

Family Room

Spent some time organizing the family room & kids study area. I get so tired of clutter. Love things all having a spot.


Imani: "Mommy! Take a picture of me!"

Shoe Munching

Elsabet is all over the place these days, rolling around, chewing her toes and alllllmost crawling. Goodness I love her!

Photo Shoot

Ezekiel was asked to be in some advertising for the physical therapy group Laith has been going to for his arm. He left beaming, saying he wanted to do more modeling. Hmmmmm maybe we'll get college paid for after all!

Sunset Magazine

It's a rare, rare occurance that I get to flip through magazines. That's why I love waiting rooms & doctors offices.

Who's with me and wants to move to this house???

Cub Scouts

Anton & Ezekiel have just started Cub Scouts. Did you know there's a Manners Badge?

Love that.

little dancers

I was making dinner tonight and had Pandora on. I look over and see this. Precious.

Wish it was a clearer picture but apparently when you're dancing to Nat King Cole, you can't stop for photos!!!


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