polar express hot chocolate {recipe}

polar express hot chocolate 1

Have you watched the Polar Express yet this year? It's one of our absolute favorites.

Since it's been so ridiculously cold {and snowy} these past few mornings, I thought it'd be fun for the kids to wake up to a hot, steaming cup of cocoa as they pad around in their jammies getting ready for school.


It was unreal. UNREAL how good it was! Rich, creamy, and ridiculously good.

insanely decadent

{I'm sure there were about a million calories in each cup, but so completely worth it!!}

snowflake marshmallows

I added snowflake marshmallows from William Sonoma and let them melt a little {I see they're sold out online. these also would be fantastic}, though I sure would love to try making some homemade ones soon.

Anyone have a good marshmallow recipe?? Do share!



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