5 fall entertaining ideas


I absolutely love the idea of a Soup Bar!! Release yourself of the guilt of not having time to make the soup from scratch though, and simply purchase it pre-made from your favorite restaurant or grocery store. Once they're poured into soup tureens, no one will ever know the difference!

I have a tureen nearly identical to the one on the far left (see top photo), which was handed down years ago from my mom...but I see them all the time at Goodwill, too!

Places like HomeGoods and Amazon are also great sources (here are some timeless white ones) without spending big bucks.

Why not substitute bowls for mugs or even tea cups? It's so much easier to hold and sip while chatting with friends, especially if there are too many folks over to sit comfortably at the table. You don't even have to put out spoons, if you didn't want to!


Table scape is like the frosting of the dinner party...and I love out of the box table decor.

Leave it to Elle Decor to give us ideas on how to use typical fall items and turn them as far from kitchy as possible! Just love these! Head here for a gallery full of additional ideas!


I love that autumn means earthy, hearty food. Listen to the girls over at Apartment 34 share the key to a gorgeously simple table such as this one!

Create a humble feast. For our happy hour we decided to create the charcuterie board of champions. But again the task required little else than a power shopping trip at Trader Joe’s and an epic 3-foot long wood board. Cured meats, crackers, cheese, olives, pickles, fresh berries & figs, dried fruit, nuts and our little trade secret – fresh flowers created a truly stunning display. Piling everything high makes your board so pretty you almost don’t want to dig in and mess it all up. Almost.

Head over to The Pioneer Woman as she guides us through her version of assembling the perfect fall cheese board!


Why not continue enjoying your backyard until it gets too chilly to do so! Like these ladies, I love bringing my indoor dining furniture outside for the evening. And seriously loving the greens and flowers just draped atop the plaid covered table.

How cute are these Champagne Pomegranate Cocktails? This Backyard Fall Campfire Party looks so seriously fun!


Speaking of plaid, I'm definitely going to remember this photo the next time I'm entertaining. These might be picnic blankets...but they may also be scarves! How many cozy plaid scarves do we have in our closets? Probably enough to cover a table with, right? Brilliant. Seriously fantastic. I just love it.

Do you have any fall entertaining ideas you'd like to share? Which of these is your favorite?

Take Joy,