How Goodwill + Anthro made my office pretty

A week or so ago, we did a little walk-through of my newly updated I thought I'd go around and show you where things came from to show you that amazing style doesn't have to cost a TON of money!

Note: we shopped my house when redoing this room...VERY little is newly purchased! I encourage you to shop your house before buying new things. We have so much that can be used in fresh ways, right?!

IMG_6154 copy.jpg

If you need a reminder of how the room looked before my friend Leah (from The Light Filled Home) worked her magic, head over here.

JPEG image-4B9448004D8D-1.jpeg

Are you a fan of Goodwill? 'Cuz I sure's such a treasure-trove of fun! Did you know you can be a member and get things for even cheaper? Anyway, with my "member discount" I got this chair for $.99 when they were doing a big sale.

I'd had it by our fireplace and was most recently in Laith's room because he wanted a cozy place to read near his bookcase. We switched out my old chair with this one (so my little bookworm still had a place to read) and it was a win-win!

JPEG image-051A053D5D6F-1.jpeg

I wanted loads of plants everywhere and when you enter the room, there are several right at your feet. We used this fun gold plant stand that I've used as a bookshelf for the past decade and mixed in both real and faux plants. We had tried a real one here but when I watered it, it drenched all my books (I nearly cried) so it was replaced with the faux one so I wouldn't ruin any more books.

PS see my book on the stack?! Eeeeeeeee! Happy dance! Go order it here!! 

photo 2.jpg

The plant baskets in the office are from all over. The grey and white one above is actually a trash can I found at HomeGoods. The woven one is from Ikea.

JPEG image-4CD440499A6A-1.jpeg

I've seen this light allllll over instagram and have been completely obsessed. I told my friend Leah (who was helping me with the room), that we had to somehow work it into the design.

Because one can never have too many flowers, I connected these pretty crepe paper ones from Amaranthus and I'm just over the moon about it! As you can see, my light isn't even connected yet (eye roll), haha. But when this baby has light, she's gonna be perfection.

Our little neighborhood has a Facebook Garage Sale page and I snagged this cute little crate from it a year or so ago for $3.00. It's been in our Upper Room (aka TV room above the garage) but is even better here, holding paints and brushes.

JPEG image-C91112DB8E3A-1.jpeg

When this family devastation was brand new, Leah (my interior designer friend) and my best friend Kiesha dropped the loveliest care package at my front door. The gift was held in this fantastic vintage wire basket and I knew I had to use it for something fun. Another plant and more books makes the perfect little vignette.

JPEG image-DB7AD171E39C-1.jpeg

More books and more plants are seen on these leaning bookshelves (similar one found here) and I'm in absolute love how Leah styled them. This tiny gold + brass colander was in the clearance section at Anthropologie ages ago (similar one here). I had washi tape resting inside, but I love this even more! The faux plant is from Ikea (similar one here).

JPEG image-EEE4D14AFE56-1.jpeg

More faux plants (from Ikea) and fun little details snagged from around the house! Both the candle and swan bottle opener are from Anthropologie's clearance section (these pretty details were purchased long ago...sorry I don't have links, but somewhat similar candle here).

IMG_6144 copy.jpg

Another fun Anthropologie find is this teacup! A friend gave me several and I love having a little succulent inside! Darling, right?! Here and here are similar designs!

IMG_6147 copy.jpg

I used to have fun vintage and Anthro-inspired plates displayed all over the house. Sadly though, through our (many!!) moves, most have broken. So now I have plate holders without any plates, haha. Leah had the brilliant idea to put my Abide sign on one. I just love it here! It was a gift from some ladies I spoke at a retreat with, so sorry I don't have a link. 

IMG_6143 copy.jpg

I love when things are used in an unconventional way. See those brass candlesticks (from Goodwill) up top, left? They've been turned upside down and now hold sprigs from a plant. So fun.

IMG_5989 copy.jpg

Heading over to the Studio area of my office, I just want to smile. Sighhhhh...I'm so exited to have started painting again.

And those watercolor decals (!!!!!!!) aren't they just SO FUN?! Head over to Urban Walls for all their styles. These decals, the woven pendant above my desk, and some plants are really the only things that are new. Everything else was shopped from around the house!

That dresser? $20 at Goodwill. The lamp is about 20 years old, crazily enough, and is handed down from my mom when they moved (the shade is Target). The big gold frame is from a garage sale (about 15 years ago).

We needed a pop of color and texture, so Leah hung this fun rug hanging over the door is from World Market (these are similar). It had previously been in the Upper Room, atop a side table.

An old (broken) frame from Hobby Lobby and a cream pitcher from Goodwill filled with carnations, adds whimsy to the top of the dresser that I use to hide gift wrap, paper, and odds-and-ends. 

JPEG image-E29DBD665787-1.jpeg

This great bin is from Ikea and is the perfect place to hold canvases and watercolor paper. it's surprisingly rigid and strong, though the woven texture makes it feel a bit breezy.


I am so head-over-heels for these air plants!! I found the glass globes in Target's Dollar Section last year but the rocks and air plants are available there right now (near the seeds + summer furniture)!


Aren't they so cute hanging in the window? So simple and pretty.

Btw, this is the backside of my desk. I love how there is space for the kids to sit and face me. Because it's set up this way, little Elsabet sat in the mound of pillows and was able to paint while I worked at my computer the other day.

The pillows in the window are from all over and none are new so sorry I don't have links to share. But they're all from Target, Ikea, and HomeGoods!


I loved having her so close while I worked...though she totally made such a mess. Eek.

IMG_6070 copy.jpg

More stuff on my desk that makes me smile. I love that Leah used my old (still messy!!) paint palate for beneath my pens and such. So creative!! And this pretty glass pitcher is also from Goodwill...or was it a garage sale...??

I love the easel that holds our family portrait from this shop (similar easel here, though I've seen mine at Walmart lately). That gorgeous paper flower is from Katya Paperie.

IMG_6194 copy.jpg

I'm a total book nerd. This collection of Bibles is a perfect base for this little vignette. The coral one is actually the box my She Reads Truth Bible came in. So though my actual Bible is downstairs where I do my morning devotions, this pretty box stays up here!

IMG_5958 copy.jpg

I'm also a bit obsessed with my calendar from Lindsay Letters. Y''s amazing. You need one. They come in all sorts of sizes and frames. Check them out!!!

IMG_6154 copy.jpg

My desk, file cabinet, and trash can are all from Ikea...I've had the desk and cabinet for years and am still so in love with it!

This brightly colored rug used to be in another room, too. I purchased it years ago during RugsUSA's 85% off sale. This is totally not sponsored by them...I'm just telling you as a public service announcement...go get on their mailing list. This rug was originally $1,500 and I got it for $450 + free shipping (that's even more than 85% off!!!).

Your floors can thank me later.

Am I missing anything? Are there any items you'd like to find out where I found? Let me know!!

Take Joy,


My new office!!!! (before + afters)

I am SO crazy excited to share some before and after photos of my office today. It's a weird space because it's actually a walk-through that takes you from the landing at the top of the stairs, into our Upper Room (or rec room) over the garage.

I have no idea what the previous owners used it for, but here's what it looked like when we moved in...

office - before 1.png

Did you know that there wasn't a stitch of white in this entire house when we moved in? Not even the doors, trim, and ceiling. I know these photos make it look white, but it was really more of a dingy-whiteish-peach color.

Office - before.png

Ok, ready for the after?! I know, me too...but you're gonna have to wait just a minute so I can show you the before-ish after. In other words, how I had it for three years after moving in.

As you'll see, it's certainly better, but I always felt it was missing something. It felt thrown together, it felt disjointed. For some reason, I was completely stumped on this space.

Better...but still far from the AFTER!

I spent most of my days working from the little table by the window. A friend gave me two of them when they were redoing their cabin (the rug was also a free treat from that friend). When I closed my eyes, I'd imagine it to be a bistro table on the sidewalk in Paris or something. Cheesy perhaps...but I really pretend like that. (I just ache to travel again. Sigh...someday)

I loved being next to the big window because the room gets the most glorious afternoon sun. The problem was though, it wasn't totally the right height for my chair and was too small to really spread out and work from (when I research, I have books strewn all over the place).

(photo from a Denver Style Magazine shoot last fall)

(photo from a Denver Style Magazine shoot last fall)

When my friend Leah (founder of The Light Filled Home) mentioned being willing to help me rework the space, this is what I texted her:

Basically, I want somewhere that just oozes creativity. I want clean and simple but with bold pops and a touch of boho.

I CANNOT figure out how to do boho. AT ALL. Anytime I attempt it, it looks stupid (eye roll).

BUT, I love when others pull it just feels cozy and lived in.

Words to describe the space:

Playful, Clean, White yet pops of color, Creative, Full of Story

So with that in mind, Leah told us to grab some Dove White at Home Depot and start painting while she grabbed her sharpie and started brainstorming ideas. Sweet Imani was happy to help (while we sang and danced to the Descendants soundtrack over-and-over-and-over...)


I've learned so much from Leah during this process...check out how she decides where to place frames! Painters tape?! Amazing.

Want to know how I decide where to hang things?! I put 500 nail holes in my wall and hope at some point, I'll get it in the right spot. hahaha (please tell me I'm not alone)


Because we have both had sick kids the past few weeks, the project took a little longer than we planned and it sat halfway done for a while. A week or so ago, I finally texted Leah this little video with some progress and thoughts (see video-text below).

Finally our kids were well again...and because Caleb from Unmutable was flying in to do video work for my upcoming book trailer, etc we knew we had to get going and finish. Mere days before Caleb arrived for the big shoot, the room was complete.

And I'm still freaking out over how beautiful it is (ignore the light wires though...still working on that part)!

Ok...ready?? Here we go!!!


IMG_6037 copy.jpg

Ok so I forgot to tell you something important about the design... I told Leah I didn't really want to buy anything.

I wanted her to shop my house and use what I already have.

We pulled things in from other rooms, ransacked closets and the basement. The only items I purchased were plants, baskets, and the awesome light above my desk (which still needs to be connected).

IMG_6194 copy.jpg

I really wanted a pop of something on a portion of the walls, but didn't feel wallpaper was the right look for this space. We were SO thrilled when Urban Walls told us they wanted to work with us because these amaaaaaaazing decals are THE perfect addition, don't you think?! 

IMG_6112 copy.jpg

I love how some were placed up slightly onto the ceiling, too!

In case you're thinking this room cost lots of $$ to decorate, I want to share a little secret with you...most of it came from Goodwill, Target, garage sales, and clearanced/sale items from shops I have a feeling you totally frequent.

I'll chat about where the decor items and furniture are from in another post, but remember...this space is almost entirely designed with stuff I already had. It's just displayed differently!

IMG_6134 copy.jpg

Do you see my book up there next to the Prayer Changes Everything sign?! Shhhh...I'm not officially sharing this yet, but you can preorder it on Amazon!

**I'm not really announcing it yet because we're waiting for the preorder goodies to be compiled and completed. Hold on to your digital receipt if you order it now so you can still get the goodies...they're really fun, you'll want them!!**

IMG_6088 copy.jpg

I'm still pinching myself that Beautifully Interrupted is almost out! So surreal!!! But I digress...


How cute are these little guys?! I found the glass globes in Target's Dollar Section last year but the rocks and air plants are available there right now (near the seeds + summer furniture)! They're now hanging in the window.


I love using unexpected items around the home. This little glass pitcher is perfect for pens and my old palette full of paint I forgot to clean off 'till it was dry and too stuck to scrub off is a fun pop of texture for beneath and the easel that holds our family portrait from this shop. That gorgeous paper flower is from Katya Paperie (btw she's doing floral for my book's Launch Team gifts! more on that soon, too!)

IMG_6154 copy.jpg

I'm in absolute love with how the bookcase is styled now! It's still organized according to subject like I'd wanted/needed for writing and researching, but Leah made is look so much better.

IMG_6143 copy.jpg

I'm obviously in love with swans since Swanstrom is my maiden name and adore how my logo (painted by my dear friend Amy Kavs) is highlighted front and center! And those vintage brass swans are perfectly placed right below (next to that adorable succulent from our grocery store, of all places!).

IMG_6144 copy.jpg

And how great is this idea to place a (faux) succulent into a teacup from my collection? I'm definitely going to copy this next time I need a gift!

IMG_6147 copy.jpg

This Abide sign was gifted to me by a group of incredible ladies I had the honor of speaking to in Royal Oaks, MI last year. I don't know why I never thought of putting it on a shelf with a plate holder! I looooove it here!

And can you see off to the right-hand side how a little brass and gold colander is used to hold a faux plant? (I know it's just barely shown, but is too cute to ignore!) So creative.

IMG_6146 copy.jpg

I found the live plants at Home Depot, Walmart, and our local grocery store...but admittedly, we mixed in a few faux plants as well! If you don't have a green thumb or can't find the right plant, why not mix fake ones in?!

IMG_5958 copy.jpg

I'm so excited to share this calendar with you. I've really been trying to become more organized since the new year began. I'm going to be sharing more on my sweet friend Lindsay Letters' calendars in the next few weeks as I reveal organization tricks + tips for us ladies who aren't naturally that way.

IMG_5931 copy.jpg

I cringe at telling you this but it's a struggle for me to be organized. Like REALLY struggle horribly with living organized. I don't mean a clean house...I mean an organized life in general. Schedules, intentionality, that sort of thing. These past several months though, I've realized how much less stress I feel because I'm consciously working on it.

That's a whole 'nother blog post so more on that coming soon!

before + after 1.png

From dark and serious...bright and happy!

I'm definitely inspired here!

Can't wait to share more on Lindsay's calendar, organization, and how I made that cool paint brush art piece next to my easel! Stay tuned!

before + after 2.png

My favorite part (other than now having space for my easel) is I still get to work in that big bright window!

It never occurred to me to carry my big desk and fit it in next to the window fits perfectly...and now the kids can sit facing me, snuggled in all the pillows and draw on opposite side of the desk while I'm working. I love it so much.

IMG_6000 copy.jpg

What do you think? What's your favorite part of the redo?

Take Joy,


Using unconventional colors + patterns on your Thanksgiving table.

I'm so excited to share how some friends and I have teamed up with the most incredible organization to decorate our Thanksgiving tables!

Need some last minute inspiration? After scrolling through my ideas, click over to the blog of one of my dearest friends in the world, Amy Kavelaris (author of Bloom with Mi) and new friend Molly (! 

Bought Beautifully is an ethical marketplace (home + fashion) that searches the globe to find ministries, organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals who are living our God's call to love...and links arms with them!

Beautiful products that are making an impact? Big yes...I'm a huge fan. 

I absolutely love repurposing things and thinking outside the box when decorating. I'm also a BIG fan of shopping my house so I don't have to spend any money! This year, I decided to go with lots of layers and texture, leaving my traditional tablecloths in the drawer.

Grabbing these pretty lace window panels from Ikea (that I still haven't put up in the girls room yet!), I draped the curtain onto the table first. It's shorter than the table itself, so I just left a few inches bare at the head and foot of the table. 

My little helper assisted in running through the house finding colorful throw blankets that are usually on couches and chairs. We just kinda tossed them on, fixed the fringe...and moved on! It's not supposed to be perfect!

Imperfection is so much prettier.

It had just started snowing when Elsabet and I worked on the table so we rushed outside and brought in our pumpkins from the front yard. You shoulda seen her try and lift them...the cutest, haha.

After wiping the melting snow from them, we grabbed the basket full of corn the kids brought home after going to a Corn Maze with my folks when they were in town.

When grouping things, remember to do it in an odd number (it's more visually appealing).

I would have loved to use fresh flowers...but let's be honest. It was snowing. I didn't want to go out to the store!

Thankfully, there are so many pretty faux flower options these days. Mine are from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann's. I snagged these from my office, bedroom, and basement. Some already had the stems cut short, and those that didn't...I just hid well behind the corn and pumpkins.

You'll notice our plates, silverware, and even napkins are all mismatched.

I adore when things coordinate without looking matchey-matchey. Pick a few colors and use whatever you want in those hues! I used different tones of yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks ...mixing in a tiny bit of blue.

Goodwill is the best place if you want to start a mismatched collection of things without breaking the bank. If your glassware is all clear, go for different styles! If your plates are white and are of similar size, but have bands of various patterns around the edges...they are perfect!

Use what you have! Be creative!

Shop your house!

How absolutely gorgeous are these yellow hand-dyed napkins made in Haiti (you can also find them in gray over at Bought Beautifully).

If you're having a large group over and don't have enough napkins that match, as long as they rest within the color group you've chosen, use them! I even have a (new-ish) dishtowel or two folded up on our table.

Did you see my post last week with printable thankful tags?

In it, I featured the most spectacular olive wood bowl with coral trim. I mean, I just love it so much I can hardly even handle it.

In last week's post, I used the bowl to hold my Thankful Tags, but'd be perfect for holding rolls or when not hosting something, it'd be perfect to hold a few pillar candles or grouping of collectibles.

Click here to see it in other colors!

What do you think? Would you use a curtain and throw blankets on your Thanksgiving table? What could you use around your home so you don't need to spend a cent on making a table gorgeous?!

May the Lord bless you this Thanksgiving!

Happy (almost) Turkey Day!

Take Joy,