I'm speaking at Pursuit Conference! (+ discount code)

pursuit spring

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed my excitement a few weeks ago as I announced I will be speaking at Pursuit next spring!

It is a complete honor to be counted with one of these INCREDIBLE people...truly, I'm still pinching myself!

pursuit conference speakers

I mean...Jon Acuff. Seriously?? Jessica Turner. What?!

Karen Stott...my sweet friend + hero! Hannah Brencher, I'm reading her book!

And on and on...

would you like to go?




Truth be told, I stole the following from their site because I just love the way they worded it all...

At Pursuit, we desired something more than a series of classes. We want to provide connection points. Our whole mission is one of invitation. We’ve laid the groundwork. We’ve set the table.

And now, we invite you to come.

Join us.

Fill your hearts, and bellies, and minds and spirits with the good stuff of life. The stuff that keeps us up at night and reminds us that what we are doing, it matters. I think we all just need a little more of that, don’t you agree? 


When we started this conference in 2011, we were the only conference designed specifically for Christian Creative women. As pioneers in the creative conference world, we knew we were after something different, something mold shattering.

Something that would not only change the women who came, but something that would leave a wake with immeasurable ripples. And that sweet friends, is exactly what has happened.

pursuit 1

In a world full of more, more, more. Bigger is better. Numbers equal success. We’ve intentionally pulled back from the pressure and clung tight to His whisper to stay small.

This conference isn’t about numbers. It’s about people.

This conference isn’t about content. It’s about stories.

pursuit 3 (source)

This conference isn’t about platforms. It’s about being on the same page.

This conference isn’t about the next big thing. It’s about stewarding what God has given you, right where you are, with what you have.

It’s about lingering, and loving, and holding close the people, and purposes in your right now.

It’s about refusing to say I’m fine, when everything’s not fine.

It’s about grabbing someone’s hand to pray. Right there. Instead of hugging and saying goodnight.

pursuit 2


It’s about fire side chats, and late night dance parties.

It’s about sifting through the sand to find the nuggets of gold.

It’s about sisterhood.

And life.

And purpose.

And Jesus.

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I know, you're reeling at the possibility of going. To be part of such beauty and authenticity. To become part of this sisterhood and community.

Pray about it. Maybe you're supposed to be there.

I really, really...

hope you can join me!

Click here for more info on Pursuit. And more on the Spring 2016 conference here!

(Note: tickets last year went in 6 hours. So don't delay!)

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your story

I wasn't planning on doing a blogpost on my time at Hope Spoken a few weekends ago. Yet, here I am sitting in the sun-filled windowseat in our family room, peering out at a gorgeous Denver day doing exactly that.

Hope Spoken.

Yes it was.

Hope Spoken

This incredible weekend away, at a conference where I knew next to no one became one I will remember forever...because it reminded me how important it is to share our own stories.

I used to hate telling my testimony. I thought it was boring and incredibly lack-luster.

Hope Spoken

Yet, I now feel I have an interesting story to tell...because of all Christ has done in and through me and through our family. But I didn't always feel like this.

Hope Spoken

I'd become a Christian at age 5 and have basically stayed strong in my faith my entire growing up. I'm not perfect, I've definitely made my mistakes, but all-in-all, I thought my story to be immensely boring.

Hope Spoken

This weekend away, I had the privilege of hearing so many stories...some incredibly difficult to listen to as my heart took on some of their pain as they spoke.

They were all offered redemption and grace and refinement...and have grown tremendously as they have grasped Him tightly.

One new friend mentioned how she wished she had a better story to tell. A story that showed how she had come back from rock bottom, one showing the goodness of God.

Hope Spoken

I understood where she was coming from, but I wanted to shake her and say, "That IS the goodness of God! He is SO good to have brought you through life WITHOUT such pain!" I refrained from said shaking and instead reminded her that He isn't finished with her yet.

And realized I was speaking to myself as much as to her.

I thought about it all afternoon and while in our small group, the topic came up again. This time after a few hours mulling it over in my head, I had more to comment:

If you feel your story is boring, reach out to Him. Ask what you can learn from it. Or perhaps ask Him to prepare you for something bigger. Tell Him you want it. You crave it. Like Jabez, ask Him to expand your borders.

It was such great conversation as I realized so many of us who have walked the Christian life for a long time, feel this. Like we don't have enough to share. Does that mean we don't think He's DONE enough?!

Please tell me no.

Oh goodness, how He's done so much.

Hope Spoken

Whether you have a dramatic story or not...

Remember, your story IS important. It is YOUR story. And it's not finished yet.

There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with our imperfections. {Unknown}

Hope Spoken

So take delight in the messes. The imperfections. Let Him teach and refine you.

Take purpose in the people He places into your life.

Hope Spoken

And smile at the fact that He's not done.

God is looking for people to use, and if you can get usable, he will wear you out. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is this: 'Use me.' {Rick Warren}

Hope Spoken

He began a work, He will complete...we'll see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. {Jenny Simmons, from the song "Don't Lose Heart"}

Hope Spoken

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