the most inspiring app...ever.

inspiring app

Do you ever find something and it completely wrecks you? In a good way?

Well, that's what this app did to me.

walters flying bus

Inspired by real children living in a special needs orphanage in Uganda, it tells a story about a little boy in named Walter, who has been badly burned.

walters flying bus 1

He is without a mother or father and dreams about one day being a bus driver. One day he finds an old abandoned bus and he and his friends {also with special needs} work together to paint and get the bus moving.

walters flying bus 3

After realizing they have the power to fly the bus {and themselves} to what they desire most {families that will love them forever}, their adventure eventually lands them to a wonderful place where families await them.

walters flying bus 5

At the very end, you have the opportunity to click on the faces of the real children who inspired the sweet characters of this heartwarming story, and learn more about them as they grow using play therapy and more.

walters flying bus 6

heart for orphans

This is the perfect opportunity to be can Host a "Dreams Take Flight" Kite Event, Shop, or Give to help with Adoption Grants for adopting families.

Or...if you're adopting yourself, your family has the opportunity to apply for a grant!

expand worldview

Our kids have SO enjoyed the story, but more-so the stories of the real children.

walters flying bus 7


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