How Goodwill + Anthro made my office pretty

A week or so ago, we did a little walk-through of my newly updated I thought I'd go around and show you where things came from to show you that amazing style doesn't have to cost a TON of money!

Note: we shopped my house when redoing this room...VERY little is newly purchased! I encourage you to shop your house before buying new things. We have so much that can be used in fresh ways, right?!

IMG_6154 copy.jpg

If you need a reminder of how the room looked before my friend Leah (from The Light Filled Home) worked her magic, head over here.

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Are you a fan of Goodwill? 'Cuz I sure's such a treasure-trove of fun! Did you know you can be a member and get things for even cheaper? Anyway, with my "member discount" I got this chair for $.99 when they were doing a big sale.

I'd had it by our fireplace and was most recently in Laith's room because he wanted a cozy place to read near his bookcase. We switched out my old chair with this one (so my little bookworm still had a place to read) and it was a win-win!

JPEG image-051A053D5D6F-1.jpeg

I wanted loads of plants everywhere and when you enter the room, there are several right at your feet. We used this fun gold plant stand that I've used as a bookshelf for the past decade and mixed in both real and faux plants. We had tried a real one here but when I watered it, it drenched all my books (I nearly cried) so it was replaced with the faux one so I wouldn't ruin any more books.

PS see my book on the stack?! Eeeeeeeee! Happy dance! Go order it here!! 

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The plant baskets in the office are from all over. The grey and white one above is actually a trash can I found at HomeGoods. The woven one is from Ikea.

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I've seen this light allllll over instagram and have been completely obsessed. I told my friend Leah (who was helping me with the room), that we had to somehow work it into the design.

Because one can never have too many flowers, I connected these pretty crepe paper ones from Amaranthus and I'm just over the moon about it! As you can see, my light isn't even connected yet (eye roll), haha. But when this baby has light, she's gonna be perfection.

Our little neighborhood has a Facebook Garage Sale page and I snagged this cute little crate from it a year or so ago for $3.00. It's been in our Upper Room (aka TV room above the garage) but is even better here, holding paints and brushes.

JPEG image-C91112DB8E3A-1.jpeg

When this family devastation was brand new, Leah (my interior designer friend) and my best friend Kiesha dropped the loveliest care package at my front door. The gift was held in this fantastic vintage wire basket and I knew I had to use it for something fun. Another plant and more books makes the perfect little vignette.

JPEG image-DB7AD171E39C-1.jpeg

More books and more plants are seen on these leaning bookshelves (similar one found here) and I'm in absolute love how Leah styled them. This tiny gold + brass colander was in the clearance section at Anthropologie ages ago (similar one here). I had washi tape resting inside, but I love this even more! The faux plant is from Ikea (similar one here).

JPEG image-EEE4D14AFE56-1.jpeg

More faux plants (from Ikea) and fun little details snagged from around the house! Both the candle and swan bottle opener are from Anthropologie's clearance section (these pretty details were purchased long ago...sorry I don't have links, but somewhat similar candle here).

IMG_6144 copy.jpg

Another fun Anthropologie find is this teacup! A friend gave me several and I love having a little succulent inside! Darling, right?! Here and here are similar designs!

IMG_6147 copy.jpg

I used to have fun vintage and Anthro-inspired plates displayed all over the house. Sadly though, through our (many!!) moves, most have broken. So now I have plate holders without any plates, haha. Leah had the brilliant idea to put my Abide sign on one. I just love it here! It was a gift from some ladies I spoke at a retreat with, so sorry I don't have a link. 

IMG_6143 copy.jpg

I love when things are used in an unconventional way. See those brass candlesticks (from Goodwill) up top, left? They've been turned upside down and now hold sprigs from a plant. So fun.

IMG_5989 copy.jpg

Heading over to the Studio area of my office, I just want to smile. Sighhhhh...I'm so exited to have started painting again.

And those watercolor decals (!!!!!!!) aren't they just SO FUN?! Head over to Urban Walls for all their styles. These decals, the woven pendant above my desk, and some plants are really the only things that are new. Everything else was shopped from around the house!

That dresser? $20 at Goodwill. The lamp is about 20 years old, crazily enough, and is handed down from my mom when they moved (the shade is Target). The big gold frame is from a garage sale (about 15 years ago).

We needed a pop of color and texture, so Leah hung this fun rug hanging over the door is from World Market (these are similar). It had previously been in the Upper Room, atop a side table.

An old (broken) frame from Hobby Lobby and a cream pitcher from Goodwill filled with carnations, adds whimsy to the top of the dresser that I use to hide gift wrap, paper, and odds-and-ends. 

JPEG image-E29DBD665787-1.jpeg

This great bin is from Ikea and is the perfect place to hold canvases and watercolor paper. it's surprisingly rigid and strong, though the woven texture makes it feel a bit breezy.


I am so head-over-heels for these air plants!! I found the glass globes in Target's Dollar Section last year but the rocks and air plants are available there right now (near the seeds + summer furniture)!


Aren't they so cute hanging in the window? So simple and pretty.

Btw, this is the backside of my desk. I love how there is space for the kids to sit and face me. Because it's set up this way, little Elsabet sat in the mound of pillows and was able to paint while I worked at my computer the other day.

The pillows in the window are from all over and none are new so sorry I don't have links to share. But they're all from Target, Ikea, and HomeGoods!


I loved having her so close while I worked...though she totally made such a mess. Eek.

IMG_6070 copy.jpg

More stuff on my desk that makes me smile. I love that Leah used my old (still messy!!) paint palate for beneath my pens and such. So creative!! And this pretty glass pitcher is also from Goodwill...or was it a garage sale...??

I love the easel that holds our family portrait from this shop (similar easel here, though I've seen mine at Walmart lately). That gorgeous paper flower is from Katya Paperie.

IMG_6194 copy.jpg

I'm a total book nerd. This collection of Bibles is a perfect base for this little vignette. The coral one is actually the box my She Reads Truth Bible came in. So though my actual Bible is downstairs where I do my morning devotions, this pretty box stays up here!

IMG_5958 copy.jpg

I'm also a bit obsessed with my calendar from Lindsay Letters. Y''s amazing. You need one. They come in all sorts of sizes and frames. Check them out!!!

IMG_6154 copy.jpg

My desk, file cabinet, and trash can are all from Ikea...I've had the desk and cabinet for years and am still so in love with it!

This brightly colored rug used to be in another room, too. I purchased it years ago during RugsUSA's 85% off sale. This is totally not sponsored by them...I'm just telling you as a public service announcement...go get on their mailing list. This rug was originally $1,500 and I got it for $450 + free shipping (that's even more than 85% off!!!).

Your floors can thank me later.

Am I missing anything? Are there any items you'd like to find out where I found? Let me know!!

Take Joy,


a bunch of fun random

fun random

I leave this morning for a weekend away. So weird to be traveling without a troop of kids clipping my heals as we walk. Hopping on a plane to Hope Spoken gives me butterflies, I'm so excited.

If you want to read about my time last year, click here!


Let's talk about Target's dollar section for a minute.

orange juice

How fun are these little tags?! Ombre may not be everywhere like it was a few summers ago, but I still haven't gotten enough. And the other two-toned ones are actually wood!

Target, you've done it again. I can think of about 100 projects for these little guys.

pink double stripe


I am so obsessed with this gown. I mean, ok...technically it's a prom dress. But I'm not above pretending I'm still young enough for prom.

I think it'd be perfect for one of my girlie parties. I am, after all, planning a spring soiree. I guess it's not overly garden-partish...but I'm sure I could come up with SOME sort of party around it. Would that be weird? Planning a party around a crazy-cute dress??

It had me at pockets.


Ok, all you Downton Abbey fans, I've got a new show for you!

The Paradise.

The Paradise 1

Fair warning, sadly it only lasted two seasons (wish I'd known that when obsessively getting into it) but nonetheless, it's so worth tuning in.

The Paradise 2


Denise Lovett may look the part of a country bumpkin when she arrives penniless and in search of work at the doors of The Paradise, Britain's glamorous first department store. But before long, intoxicated by the potential of the modern world, she will turn her ambitious and inspired eye to the store's ladieswear department, meanwhile catching the eye of the shop's dashing and reckless owner, John Moray, a grieving widower with a secret.

The Paradise 3


 Enigmatic and shrewd, Moray embodies the modern era that he is ushering into the bustling Northern town in the form of petticoats and perfume. But what remains to be seen is whether those around him – the pampered heiress who mistakes hooks for heart, the sinister store detective whose loyalty knows no bounds, or the demure Denise herself, fighting to keep her ideas and her love from brimming over – will help or hinder the fulfillment of his grand ambition.

the paradise

 The story is fun and intriguing and the ambiance of the show, WOW. I mean, look at that set!! It's so beautiful. The cast is captivating and fascinating, each character so well-played. And best of all? My husband even got into it.


I just finished Orphan Train for my neighborhood book club.

I didn't think I'd like it since it was about kids without parents loaded onto a train and basically given out to whomever decided they wanted them, as they stopped from train station to train station. That sounded horrible and I didn't think my heart could handle the story.

Orphan Train

But I was wrong. The story was SO much more than that and I highly recommend adding it to your list!

Orphan Train

(click here for more info on the book + to order)

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Another book I'm really excited about is Savor, my Shauna Niequist.


Shauna is my favorite author, her writings are so full of imagery and texture.

This book is different than her others though, being a 365 day devotional.

This book is likely the most beautiful (non vintage) book I've ever held in my hands. The linen-bound hardback, Lindsey Letters lettering on the cover and throughout, the navy lined pages, and most certainly the message.

I loved this review:

To say that Shauna is a gifted writer is an understatement. From her first words she makes you feel as though you two are friends, sitting down over tea and coffee, as she gently and colorfully coaxes you in to living a life filled with Jesus and inspired by the everyday. I am busy busy busy - like most of us. I don't have a ton of time for intense devotionals and homework. BUT I do have time for friendly, life-giving words, starting my day with acknowledging that I am here because of a big and beautiful God, and yummy recipes. That, I have time for. And shouldn't we all make time for that? Life can be tough and beautiful. Shauna has first-hand experienced both parallels, and speaks with authority, humanness, and love. I dare you not to be blessed by this devotional. 

I will say however, that the book is full of similar things we read about in Bread and Wine, etc. but I'm definitely a fan, nevertheless.

And shameless plug for my precious friend Meredith (my editor!), who was one of the editors on this project. Way to go, girl. Major love.

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What about you? Any randomness or obsessions you'd like to share??

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