a mistake, a birthday, and a diy pinwheel

Wednesday was rough. Rough, rough, ROUGH. I don't know how else to say it.

By the time Ben and I finally got the kids in bed (and to stay in bed), we were completely exhausted to our core.

This weariness and exhaustion was so consuming, that we thought for some reason the next day was Laith's birthday.

Ummmm...it's not.


Trying to figure out where the week went, I scurried around cleaning up the kitchen and setting the table for Laith's Breakfast Party. Grabbing 4th of July banners from the basement, picnic inspired red and white plaid napkins from a bin, and sneaking into the little boy's room for an armload of baseballs.

As I set the pinwheels in the middle of the table, I turned to Ben. "What day is tomorrow?" I asked. "Laith's birthday," he responded. "Yes...but the date?" "Well, today is the 16th...so tomorrow would be the 17th. Annnnnd not Laithy's birthday."

We just started at each other awkwardly for a minute before starting to laugh.

And such was our day. Sigh.


When the kids go to bed the night before their birthday, we say goodnight to their five year old selves (or however old they may be). I kiss the birthday-kid on the forehead and whisper "I'll see your older self in the morning! Goodbye five year old. In the morning, I'll say 'hellllllo six year old!'"

But this morning he's still five. And will be for a few more days.



In the meantime, we're filling those popcorn boxes with thick slices of watermelon and still having a Breakfast Party.

And we're giggling about how even mommy and daddy mess up sometimes.

These pinwheels were made for Laith's second birthday. The theme was 'Vintage Toys' and it was spectacular. I became addicted to making pinwheels because they're so fun and easy. I think I may have made 5o, or so.

Several houses later and an entirely different state, and some are still around. They usually sit on the marble table in our entry but as I moved them, I was reminded of all the fun we've had in the years between his second birthday and now his sixth.


I had posted a tutorial on these pinwheels ages ago...I mean, seriously ages ago...when I had just begun blogging for more than just my mom and mother-in-law to read. The photos are small and not well taken. I'm still working on my photography.

Like Laith and all we've learned in his six years, it's fun to look back and see how much I've learned about this blogging thing and continue to learn.

Laith, my sweet boy...may your day today (your pretend birthday) and your day on Saturday (your real day), be filled with joy and love and fun. I pray you know how much we treasure you and my cup runneth over seeing how much you love us and love the Lord. You're amazing, buddy. Can't believe I get to be your mom.


/////  Lisa Leonard has a great pinwheel tutorial on her blog, if you'd like to make your own! /////

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melkam gena

Melkam Gena!

Our Christmas celebration may have been weeks ago...but Ethiopia celebrates it in January because they go by the Julian Calendar.

Do you remember my post from last year? We had such fun with the amazing Ethiopian community we're blessed to be part of.

And this year may have been even more fun.

Here is our Gena {also Genna} celebration via Instagram...

As we walked through the doors, we were met by a bunch of beautiful high school aged Ethiopian girls who helped us all write our names on our name tags in Amharic.


The boys had all vanished to play with the other kids so I was left to do them all myself.

As I finished I asked proudly, "whatcha think??" to one of the girls.

She laughed slightly and said, "ummmmm kind of."

That's what I get for getting cocky. Geez that's a hard language!


Last year, the kids were all about learning the Ethiopian games, and such.


This year, it was ALL about the coffee ceremony.


They probably sat with those ladies close to an hour learning all about it.


Anton r.e.a.l.l.y wanted to drink it. Straight up black.

No sugar, no milk.


After the 1st sip, he looked at me with a big smile on his face.

"I love it!!!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"ohhh noooo." I thought in my head.

After the 2nd {larger} gulp, he made the face I expected. "eew. no. gross."



Imani meanwhile, thought she was a princess at an Ethiopian tea party as she daintly sipped her warm milk.


Sweet little Laith is my non-adventurous one. Food & drink wise anyway.


I was floored when he decided to try the injera with chili sauce {that for him was spicy}.


He loved it so much, he patiently waited in line {several times!} for more.



So super proud of him.

I refuse for our kids to not love Ethiopian food. It's too amazing not to adore.


After several hours of play & filling our stomachs, we were tired.


What a fantastic day. So providential to have moved to the most incredible city who is also home to the 2nd largest Ethiopian community in the US.

We didn't know that when we moved to Denver...

but God sure did.

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