how to make a boxed veil + flower headband

I wanted to find a bunch of vintage hats for all the girls coming to Imani's tea party birthday party this weekend, but I couldn't find enough. And those I could find...were like $35!! Ridiculous.


(photo sources here + here)

So instead, I decided to make headbands that are sort of a mix between the flower crowns that are so popular these days, and fascinators that were so popular in years past.

(Unless you're Kate, of course... in which case fascinators are very much still in style)

flower headbands 4

They were so simple to make...I absolutely love how they turned out!

Here's the quick diy!

stripe - double - pink


fabric covered headband, boxed veil, faux flowers, thread, needle, scissors, wire cutter, glue gun (with glue)

flower headbands 11

Cut a strip of the boxed veiling at perhaps the 3 inch mark.

Just eyeball it, don't worry about measuring.

(I found a spool of this veiling at Hobby Lobby, right by the ribbon section)

flower headbands 10

Pierce your needle (and thread) through the little openings in the boxed veil, going through every other square.

flower headbands 9

Once you've looped in and out of the previous step and have reached the end of the veil, synch it tightly but don't yet cut the thread.

flower headbands 8

Place the veil on the headband in the spot you'd like it (I did mine just lower than the halfway point) and wrap the thread around the headband tightly, then sew a few seams into the fabric of the headband to make it secure.

flower headbands 7

Next, cut your faux flower(s) with wire cutters, at the base of the bloom.

flower headbands 6

Carefully squeeze the hot glue onto the back, and press onto the headband in your desired spot.

Note: If you're using leaves as well, I recommend glueing them on prior to the bloom.

flower headbands 2

And done!

Above is what the back of mine look like.

flower headbands 5

And here's the top/front!

Gorgeous, right?!

flower headbands 1

I've made close to a dozen different styles for the girls, but here are a few of my favorites!

flower headbands 3

I can't wait for the party and to take photos of the girls wearing them!!!

flower headbands

take joy-signature-new-pink

Ladies who Lead + ChariTea

charitea 14

A month or two ago my sweet friend Brandi invited me to have lunch with an incredible group of women here in Colorado called, Ladies Who Lead.

beauty for ashes uganda

As I sat at lunch hearing their mission and stories, I thought "I should not have been invited, what am I even doing here?! This is so cool."

I mean these women are legit. They're all passionate, Jesus loving women who are doing major world changing things.

beautiful and beloved

Things like founding their own organizations in empowering the marginalized and formerly enslaved (check out Beautiful & Beloved's shop) and working in Uganda empowering women (especially single mamas and widows) to reach long-term sustainability for their families (Beauty for Ashes Uganda), and a dozen other things.

charitea 2

You know who I also met??

This girl.

Courtney Skiera-Vaughn...the visionary behind a.k.a. HOPE and ChariTea.


Shortly after getting married, she and her husband Chris traveled to Uganda serving the less fortunate. The life-changing experience helped open their eyes to how they could help and decided to partner together to found both organizations.


Their hearts beat deeply with the aim in assisting a specific group of children in the Naguru slums on the outskirts of Kampala. Mostly orphaned and many displaced as refugees, they have been driven from their homes and largely forgotten by the Ugandan government and foreign aid-workers.

These kids have fought to survive civil wars with terrorists, genocide, death, and trafficking, as well as the tough life living on the streets and in the slums. Their mission is to help provide security, meals, education, love, and hope of a better life for them.

charitea 5

There is so much about Courtney that I adore...her mission, vision, her passion.

And knew I had to work with her.


After a few texting conversations about some fun events I have up my sleeve, sweet, {{ sweet }} Chris brought by a crazy generous sampling of the tea that Courtney had sent him over with.

We tried it for the first time at June's Evening to Nourish.

nourish june 1

We poured several varieties and ohmygosh...each one is phenomenal.

charitea 7

And gorgeous. I mean, this spiced hibiscus one is PINK!

charitea 8

Smelling this Jasmine Rose tea totally reminds me of all the Blooming Night Jasmine growing in our garden when I lived in California as a little girl.

Isn't it fun how scents just take you back?

charitea 3

I'm saving all these others for Imani's birthday party next month.

charitea 4

Because she wants to have a Tea Party birthday party.

I can't wait to show you all I've collected for it!

charitea 6

We did decide to have a little tea party today though while I took all these pictures.

We just couldn't resist.

charitea 1

pink double stripe


With so many varieties of tea to choose from, not to mention all the health benefits, it's time to take tea to a new level.  Tea is the perfect beverage to take on adventures whether that be a weekend camping trip, a bike-riding excursion, a day surfing, or even to the library for a late night cram session.
You have an activity?  We have a tea for that.  Show us where you take your tea with #teaontop.
charitea 11

Tea has been around for 4000 years, but we believe now is the time tea can help change the world. And you can be a part of that! 100% of the proceedsfrom your purchase goes to a.k.a. HOPE Inc.  Check out Our Cause to read more about how your purchase directly affects children across the world.


All our teas are Specialty Teas and USDA organic certified because you deserve only the best ingredients.  Our black tea blends are fair trade as we partner with local farmers in India to bring this quality tea to your cup. Any questions about a specific tea?  Check out the circle markers for each of our teas in the Our Tea section.
Charitea 12
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