Struggling with fear + I'd LOVE your help with MY BOOK!

Do you now...or have you ever struggled with fear? Perhaps you're paralyzed, feeling shame and insecurity that someone will discover the "real you" so you live within the grasp of false identity, pretending to be someone you're not.

Perhaps you have experienced horrific things like a car accident and are now fearful of driving. Or have run from an abusive spouse and are fearful he'll find you or are scared to enter into another relationship. Perhaps you've been deeply wounded and are afraid of putting yourself out there again, and therefore a huge tangible fear follows you around.

Others live in a "what if" kind of fear.

For example, "What if my son slipped beneath the bar on the ski lift and fell to his death?!"

"What if I traveled to a third world country and got kidnapped or killed for my faith?!"

Or even "What if I got cancer? What if I died? Who would mother my children? What would happen to my family?!"

Since I was young, I've struggled with fear. There are times I feel a fear of being left out, unloved or rejected.

But most often the fear that seems to hold me the most tightly is is the BIG Capitolized "what if" kind where worst-case-scenarios hit my mind's eye like a lightning bolt, causing me to panic and forget about being brave in anything.

If this is you...whether you've struggled with it today, last month, or decades ago...I'd LOVE your help.

One of the chapters in my upcoming book is about this very issue and I'm wanting to go deeper.

I want to know how ya'll get out from under it. I want to know what verses you turn to in your Bible or wisdom and advise you cling to. I'd love to know how you pray and just honestly anything else you'd like to share.

Feel free and be anonymous if you'd like, but if you're comfortable with it, I'd love to just open up the Comments below as raw, vulnerable, and honest struggles and successes of life in spite of fear.

Thank you, sweet friends. And by commenting, know that a portion (or all) of what you say may be included within the pages of my book. Unless I have your permission though, I will change any and all names. Your identity will be secure and I won't plaster your life all over the place. Promise.

Thanks again for your willingness to share here. I promise...NO judgement. We're all likely struggling with similar things, whether we'll admit it or not. Thanks for being authentic...I have no doubt it'll speak to and help others in like-seasons.

Take Joy,