Pearls + Purpose...latest Bible Study pick!

I'm leading a Bible Study here in Denver called Pearls + Purpose.

Beginning this Monday, May 9th, we'll go through my dear friend Logan Wolfram's new book, Curious Faith.

Logan is a remarkable girl who shares her remarkable story, full of raw and vulnerable moments, ultimately encouraging us to go outside our comfort zone and realize we serve a VERY big and exciting God.

We spoke at a conference together about a month ago...SO wish we lived closer. Girls, she. is. FUN. And absolutely and completely inspiring.

Ok so what is Curious Faith? What is it about? Watch this video for a little more info (or head here to see what other people are saying about it)...

Because I couldn't wait to dig in I'm already halfway through. My copy is now so chock-full of highlights, underlines...and arrows pointing to the word "YES!" in the margin, it's not even funny.

We'll be watching Logan's videos and using the Study Guide in the back of the book as we really delve into how to live a life of curious faith.

I hope you can join us (click here to register)! If you're not in the the book and watch the videos from Logan's website in your own home. Or maybe even host your own version of Pearls + Purpose (we're going to take over the hashtag #pearlsandpurpose as we go)!!

Take Joy,