now that they're home

Here I sit at the computer, Elsabet asleep in my arms making it difficult to type...Aberhem drawing quietly at the table behind me, the rest of the kids cuddled on the couch together watching some PBS show on this rainy morning: the 1st morning of the rest of our lives.

Elsabet sleeping

We've spent so much time and energy filling out paperwork, fundraising, raising awareness, preparing our family and our home for the sweet new additions that I think it's sometimes hard to remember that part is just the prep-work.

This. Today. Having them home. This is the hard part.

Helping Aberhem learn English. Helping him understand our culture...watching Ben closely as he cooks breakfast for us all and folds laundry while I sit near him on a chair holding Elsabet. The look on his face easily telling the confused thoughts running through his head. "Isn't that women's work?"

Welcome to America, my love. Where mom & dad are a team and we both do it all.


6 kids. SIX. Every seat used in our car, realizing we might have to find something bigger. Bigger? Sigh. Knowing the house will be harder to keep clean, schedules will be harder to organize, carpooling may become a necessity. Sleeping through the night won't happen for awhile. Bottles. Diapers. Time to myself? Someday. Homework, frustration, lack of understanding, lots of charades and laughing trying to figure out what he's thinking, what he's saying.

Cuddling, hugs, tears, confusion, a tinge of sadness & loneliness. Taking time to grieve his loss. Knowing he's loved beyond measure. The realization this is the family they will have forever. Their lives are forever changed. So are ours.

There is so much that comes after the adoption part. Adoption is just the beginning. What comes next...this next part is what's real. And most important.

It's not always enchanting. It's not always easy {in fact often it's REALLY hard}. But is it worth it?

every second.

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