November selection - Virtual Book Club

I’m so excited to tell you what book we’ll be reading for this month…our first book in the Hugs & Punches Virtual Book Club!

Our book for November is called, The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and you are going to love it. I’m only a chapter or two into it but can already tell it’s going to be life-changing.

the best yes


Right now I’m in Chicago at a conference called Storyline. When friends asked, I told them I was going to a writers conference. And though there is a day for writers, that’s really not what it’s about at all.

Rather, these incredible few days are for anyone who wants to live a GREAT story for their lives. And living a great story involves changing the way we approach life.

But how do we get there? We’re so stinkin’ busy, there’s no time left to live a great story…is there??

Enter Shauna Niequest. Ahhhh Shauna, she’s my favorite writer at the moment (I know, I know…then why aren’t we reading one of her books?! We’ll get there, don’t worry).

the best yes 2


When listening to Shauna speak yesterday, she said “Do your things with great love, right now.” Let me rephrase that: Only do what you can do with great love.

In order to do that though, we need to get back on course. We’re too busy to do all that rests within our schedule, with an attitude of great love. So often we’re overwhelmed, annoyed we said yes to yet another thing, or just plain exhausted.

But that’s not how we’re supposed to live. As Joshua Becker says, “Let’s discover where to say yes and how to say no.” Get rid of anything that is not contributing to our main focus.

Who are you going to spend your yesses on? Is it on those who are most important to you? Do your yesses point toward your passions?

the best yes 1


In Lysa’s words, the book cures the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love. Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no.

Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom based decision-making process and rise above the rush of endless demands, discovering the best yesses for your life.

Because we all want to thrive in this life we have. There are no do-overs. We only get one. And if you’re anything like me, you want that one to count.

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I can't wait to keep reading our book...and share together at the end of the month!!

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