My 1st article as the "Mommy Style Contributor" for Denver Style Magazine

You just never know who you're going to meet. Last spring when helping plan a fashion-fundraiser for MOPS Corporate, I met the sweetest woman named Heather. I was standing toward the back during our event's fashion show, taking photos because I was in charge of social media for the evening.

Next to me was a girl with spicey short hair and killer heels. We started chatting while she, too, was taking photos and video, posting it up on Instagram.

She mentioned working for Denver Style Magazine and that she was posting to their feed.

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Because she was kind, genuine, and easy to talk to, I loved her instantly. (How could I not adore her when she sends such kind Thank You notes like the one above?! It's such a lost art, don't you think?)

Little did I know, Heather is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the whole mag! Since then, we have worked together on several projects...and now I'm their Mommy Style Contributor!

Ohmygosh it's such fun.

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I thought I'd show the Fall 2017 edition with you since it released a few short weeks ago. I'll continuously share my articles each time they drop since sometimes us moms get into fashion ruts (I'm with ya, girl. You know it's true for all of us at some point).

This particular article was all about simple ways to get out of our yoga pants and into things that are stylish, yet easy to wear (yes, I wrote case you're wondering).

If you live in Colorado, you can pick up a physical copy at several locations around town. But even if you don' can read the digital copy (yay!).

When in the planning stages, I had sent them a huge file of Pinterest-style inspiration photos and Heather and her counterpart Kelsey brought over thousands of dollars worth of inventory for me to wade through while my hair and makeup was done.

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There were racks full of clothes, shoes, and accessories for each look. While my hair was curled or braided, Heather and Kelsey held up various items to gage my thoughts. I'd tell them if I loved it or if it should be nixed.

That to say, the items shown are genuinely things I'd wear. I didn't want them to put me in clothing I wouldn't don in real-life...thankfully, that wasn't their goal, either! They trusted me and my ideas, only suggesting things, rather than forcing my hand.


The whole process was lovely and incredibly fun (though...sigh, all the clothes had to go back to the Denver boutiques they came from). They even played around with the kids during my wardrobe changes, doing pretend model shots (the boys may not love being in photos, but the girls do!).

Here are some more fun (unedited) pics from that day that didn't make it into the magazine. How FANTASTIC is that braid?!

The Winter Edition comes out toward the end of November and that article will be surrounding A Family Night In, full of cozy sweaters, pj's, and the like.

The whole fam will be in it that umm....praying for good attitudes for all eight of us. Bahahahahaha...if you've ever done family photos, you know what I'm talking about. ; )

Once's the Fall article! xo

Take Joy,


P.S. Click below for the talent from the day!

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