Let's talk adoption. (send me your questions)

Every single day, I receive emails asking about our adoptions:

Abreham & Elsabet in Ethiopia

How did we decide on a country? How did we know what age? How did we afford it?

How has it affected our marriage? How have the other kids settled in?

How do we do it?


How, what, why, and so many other questions.

imani orphanage

But you know what? Most of the questions are the same...no matter which of you have emailed me.


From now 'till Sunday night (March 15th), I'd love for you to ask me questions.

ANY QUESTIONS about adoption.

ezekiel home

Ask them here in the comments, or send me a direct email (teresa@hugsandpunches.com).

I'll gather them and put together a podcast of sorts.

Actually, you tell me...would you like a recording of me talking about them and answering your questions?

Or a video?

Or would you even prefer a conference call?

Or simply a blogpost.

ezekiel 1

What would you prefer?? Whatever it is, let's do that.


Ben and I will work together in answering them to the best of our abilities and will put out the answers very soon.

So ask the hard questions, the ones you're embarrassed to ask. I promise to answer you honestly.

God bless you, friends...it's a crazy journey, this adoption stuff. But ohhhh goodness is it worth it.


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