I'm teaching on 1 Samuel...wanna join us?

Ladies!! If you live here in Denver, I've got fun news for you. But even if you don't, keep reading...

I lead the Women's Bible Study at my church, Lifegate Denver. While chatting with my friend and pastor Nirup after the completion of our study last spring, I told him how much I really wanted to delve into The Word.

I wanted us to open up the Scripture, drench ourselves in our Bibles... and not simply do a study guide attached to a book we'd read.

He cut me off with an energetic smile saying, "YES!! And you're going to teach."

I made a face at him and continued talking, explaining how I had several ideas of what our group could do...Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, or maybe the new Open Your Bible study.

I laid all my ideas in front of him and again he stopped me. "Uhhhhh no. YOU are going to teach."

I laughed at him. And then I realized he was serious. My eyes got wide with fear and I shot up a quick prayer, settling my heart. I realized YES. Ohmygosh that'd be amazing. YES. I'd LOVE to.

So that's what we're doing!!

Beginning Monday, September 26 we will be studying 1 Samuel.

If you've done one of the Bible Studies I've led before, know this one will look a little different (other than the obvious fact that I'm not just facilitating anymore). For example, we'll begin with a time of quiet (personal) prayer and worship.

Dust off your Bible if it hasn't been read in awhile and bring it with you. We'll get it dogeared, worn, and loved-looking in no time. And if you don't have a Bible...don't let that deter you! We'll have one you can take home. We'll be digging in, but in a way that I promise you won't make you fall asleep.

Forget everything you've ever thought or heard...

I promise you the Old Testament is fascinating.

Sign up here!

Don't live in the Denver area? Keep reading!

I'm going to see how the first few weeks go, but I'm thinking I'll do a Blog Version of the study for you to do at home.

It won't have video, but it will have me leading you through, complete with study questions so you can learn from wherever you are! Or perhaps even lead your own study with my stuff as a guide!!

Would that be something you'd be interested in?

Please let me know!

Take Joy,


UPDATE...click here for the intro to our study!