Help me pick some new additions to The Shop!

I'm working on some more items to add to our new Shop, but before I pull the trigger and order a bunch of things...I thought I'd check and see what you thought of them.


I already have the below journal in The Shop, but I have some awesome additions I'm planning on putting inside the prayer journals I'm going with a new company.


The journals will be double-spiraled, college ruled, and 75 pages (similar to the one above).

My illustrations of the possible new items are simply mockups I made in Photoshop...something I really don't know how to use (yet)! So forgive me if they're uhhhh well, not great. But you can at least get the idea.

I'm posting numbers next to these possible new items, so let me know which you love! It doesn't need to be an either/or type vote though.

For example, I'm only showing you two journals...but unless you despise one...I'll likely still order both.


Another prayer journal idea is from a verse we read during church this past Sunday. We're going through James and's so good.

I'd love to also include these two pages inside...



When my dear friend Amy painted the swan for my new logo...I fell head over heels. And I know many of you did too, because I've gotten so many emails and Instagram messages asking if it will become a print you can purchase!

Well...yes, hopefully we will do that down the road, but for now I'm featuring it on a mug! I love pairing it with a portion of Psalms 23. What a great reminder it'll be for us as we drink our coffee or tea from it each morning.


Ohmygoodness, I just love this verse. Let us not only taste Him, but begin to have an insatiable hunger!! I pray those words over our children each and every day...and I pray them for you, too!

May each of us crave Christ in a new and deep way.


When sweet Amy also painted this girl for me, it was for the cover of our FREE 10-day study on Adoration: learning to pray with a vocabulary of praise. I'm sure you've heard me talking about it!

I just love it so much, I couldn't resist and had to use it on a mug, journal, etc, too!!

What do you think? Do you love any enough that you might purchase...or share them with friends and urge them to? 

I'd love to know which I should go ahead and order...and which not to!

If you have any more ideas...or Bible verses, quotes, and such...please let me know! I still have more ideas up my sleeve. I'm just trying to find good sources to order them from!

Take Joy,


P.S. Don't forget about the gorgeous rose gold necklaces we also have in The Shop!