Friday Five v. 1

Ok, so there are times I just really want to share things with you when I happen onto funny or inspiring Instagram posts...or yummy looking recipes on Pinterest...or a super cute pair of shoes I found online. You know, the fun stuff you text your best friend about.

That being said, I've decided to put together a post from time to time called Friday Five...which is five things I've come across that week that I loved or wanted to share!

So here are this week's Five!


Fall Pie.jpg

How cute is this fall pie?! I love spending a little extra time on the tops of mine (see here) so I'm totally going to have to try this darling design! They've included other ideas and tips, as well!



This is one of my favorite sweaters evvvveeeer. I wear it with ripped jeans or my faux leather pants and is the perfect amount of slouchy without being so sacky I look like I'm drowning.

And guess what?! It's on massive sale! Head here to shop (it also comes in Wine and Black)!


This is a real ad for Montgomery Flea Market and is actually yeeeeeears old and has been my favorite for a long time, but I just had to include it for anyone who just needs a chuckle.

Owner Sammy Stephens' commercial is so amazing that it went viral and he even ended up on Ellen. It's really the best thing ever.


destination nursery.jpg

Ohmygosh is this not the cutest room EVER?! Forget it being for kids...I want to sleep here. Destination Nursery, I've never bought anything from you, but now I want everything.

Did you notice that cloud with rain pouring down from it hanging from the peak of the bed? Ahhhh! The cutest!



Get THIS. Someone is literally grocery shopping for me as we speak.

Last weekend I was in D.C. visiting my best friend (and celebrating another friend's 40th bday), when Kiesha began telling me how she has her groceries delivered now.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, saying how it sounds like a dream-world, but too expensive for me. She proceeded to tell me that because she only receives what is on her list, there's no chance for "impulse buys" and has actually been saving an average of $100/month!

Ok, not gonna lie. I was intrigued.

So after asking some friends what their favorite companies are in my area, I found InstaFresh. And you guys...these are the stores they deliver from:

. Safeway

. Whole Foods

. Natural Grocers

. Costco...YES...I said COSTCO!! Can you imagine NOT hauling your kids there, but having someone else shop your list for you?!

. There are several others, based on where you live and what's around you, but I was in.

So I just got a text saying someone named Triban has started shopping for me and my items will be delivered in about an hour.

I can't even handle this.

Want to try it? Head here and then use my code: TANDERSON3B716D

This is just the coolest.

Enjoy your Friday!

Take Joy,