Coffee Chat with Teresa - INTRO (the heart behind it)

A few months ago I started ruminating on the idea of doing a Coffee Chat, every few weeks.

I decided I loved the idea of sharing a bunch of randomness with you...whether it be a killer thing God's teaching me, a comment someone said that made a deep impression, something I'm simply loving at the moment, or pretty idea I saw on Pinterest.

Big things and small things. Soul-lifting things and just silly or fun things.

Because we need a touch of it all, don't we? Sometimes we need to laugh or to feel inspired. Other times, we need direction or a good cry.

And other times still, we simply need to feel like we're in community with one another.

I'd LOVE for you to share things, too! I desire for us to curate our own conversations about things I mention in the post...AND things that you're seeing (and loving!) or something being impressed upon your heart.

I'd love to chat like we would if we were sitting across from one another, coffee or tea in hand, stuffing a few napkins under the table leg to keep it from rocking.

To simply take a few moments to just sit, rest, nourish, and be nourished.

Stay tuned for our first Coffee Chat, tomorrow (March 11)!

Take Joy,