Caring for orphans is so much more than adoption

I’ve had a few conversations lately with women who feel guilty that Christ hasn’t “called them” to adoption. It’s almost as if they’re apologizing to me with guilty eyes, feeling as if they need to explain themselves and what purpose God has given them.

I want to put my hand on theirs, look deeply into their souls and say…


Stop putting my calling on like a Spiderman costume and feeling bad that you’re not actually Spiderman. My calling isn’t your calling…and that’s ok.

Yes, James 1:27 says

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and windows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

But don’t read that to mean that you need to bring the fatherless into your home and into your families if that’s not the word you (or if you’re married, you and your husband) have received from Above.

Rid yourself of this silly guilt.

Caring for orphans can mean so much more than adoption.

Caring for orphans means Orphan CARE.

There are actual people who do this! Loving Orphans Global and World Orphans are two such organizations. They give opportunities to love orphans by sponsoring a child, blessing an orphanage, building a school, digging a well, or help create sustainability within a community.

This can also mean helping with a friend’s adoption. I don’t simply mean assist financially though, if you’re not in a place right now where you have much to give.

Time is often just as sacrificial as dollars because you could help organize a fundraiser for them. Whether this means organizing a bake sale, community yard sale, or even open your home for a fun little cocktail party with a Donations Jar on the counter.

When we brought home our children, I was so unbelievably overwhelmed and yet didn’t know how to ask for help. Some women who saw right through my fake bravery showed up at my doorstep with Starbucks, bottles much needed wine, piping hot dinners complete with sides and a dessert, and went grocery shopping for me. They folded my laundry, washed my dishes and vacuumed. One generous friend even paid her babysitter to play with my kids for a few hours just so I could take a nap.

Please don’t think this isn’t what God meant by caring for the fatherless! Because it IS! These things are so impactful to these sweet children. You are the hands and feet of Christ when serving and giving in these ways!!

Please, please friends…again….brush off that ridiculous guilt you may sometimes feel for not adopting yourselves. Because you know what? You have an even greater reach of impact. By giving in this way, you could be loving on tens of orphans. Or gosh, maybe even loads more.

Let Him use you. Ask Him to bring opportunities your way. Because you better believe He will.

Take Joy,


PS I'd love any other ideas in how caring for orphans may be embraced!! I know my ideas are just scratching the surface!