adopting older kids + hilarious stories

We had a big downpour here in Denver a few weeks ago. It made me homesick for Seattle while playing in the chilly grey day with (another) cup of coffee warming my hands.

Rain, shine, or snow, we walk to school. We're kind of like the US Postal Service like that.


Walking home from taking Laith to Kindergarden that day, Elsabet enjoyed puddle-jumping and found a few slimy looking worms alongside the curb.

Picking them up in her plump little toddler fingers, I burst out laughing.

Shortly after we brought she and Abreham home from Ethiopia, we had several days of rain. Abreham, being the sweet helper that he is, wanted to go out and work in our backyard (because quite honestly it was a disaster and I think that bothered him). He worked tirelessly first with the rake, then with a broom...and then I heard shrieking.

He spoke very few English words at the time. And those he did speak were weighted with a deep accent, often causing us to misunderstand. But after hearing him yell "Snakes! Snakes!" at the top of his lungs, I ran outside.

Seeing me amidst the puddles, he looked up. "Mommy! Snaaaaakes! Everrrywhere!" he cried, rolling his r's thickly.


I was bewildered. We live in Colorado. And in the city, for goodness sakes. We don't have many reptiles slithering around. And if we do perhaps get the infrequent gardener snake, we would likely see only one.

I walked cautiously closer to where he now stood with a large shovel, chopping at the ground with all his might. And I couldn't hold back my laughter.

"No, Abreham! No Snakes. Worms."

He looked at me confused.

I took the shovel from him and pointed at the 20 or 30 halved worms wriggling around in the puddles at our feet. "Worms, not snakes. It's ok...worms are good. They help the plants grow"

We came back inside together, leaving our muddy shoes at the door. Fixing him some tea, we sat together at the kitchen table chatting, knowing for the rest of my life I'd chuckle when seeing these little slimy guys on rainy days.

There are so many funny stories and experiences we've tucked into our memories, having brought home our older boys.

I wish I could have you over for a glass of lemonade today and share some more with you. Gosh, I'd have you rolling on the ground in hysterics. But I suppose I'll have to wait for another time.

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Whether you're an adoptive parent or not, I KNOW your kids have done + said the funniest things.

What HILARIOUS stories have your kids done that still leave you chuckling?? 

Do tell...I'd love a good laugh today!

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