a colorful winter wreath for under $30

wreath 11

I've mentioned before that I just can't believe how expensive wreaths are. It's crazy to me! I simply cannot justify $100 or more on something so pretty but will become quickly battered by the weather.

So if I can't find a crazy deal on one...I just make my own.


A few weeks ago as I was starting to brainstorm our Let's Party Like Girls night, I came across this Design Love Fest photo on Instagram.

Isn't this wreath GORGEOUS?!

I love it's silhouette and thought I'd attempt to make my own version!

wreath 1

But guess what...I made mine solely with items found at Michael's and Walmart. (yep, I said Walmart. I know, crazy)

While in Walmart, I first headed to the Floral Section where I found the grapevine wreath, several of the faux flowers, and greenery. Then deciding maybe I could find more winter looking items in the Christmas area, I loaded my basket full of branches of faux pine, silver frosted pinecones, and greenery with sparkly silver balls. Perfect!

Michael's provided the rest of the faux flowers.

wreath 3

Ok I did grab a few branches from the backyard, too.

Starting toward the bottom, I bent the evergreen branch around the grapevine wreath, tying it in several places and allowing the sprigs to cascade off the side.

I used zip ties, but if you have thin wire or even twist ties from your breadbox, you could use those instead.

wreath 6

Cutting the faux branches shorter with a wire cutter, I arranged the greenery and pinecones first.

Then stuck them into place with my hot glue gun.

Some branch stems I left long and sort of wove through the grapevine to hold them into place.

wreath 7

Once I had all the greenery where I thought I wanted it, I hung the partially-finished wreath up on the door to see how it looked and got an idea of where I wanted the flowers to spread out out on top.

wreath 8

Now my favorite part: adding all the color!

I cut the stems down short and affixed the faux flowers with the hot glue.

wreath 5

Though it was becoming really pretty, I felt our wreath was missing something so I decided to grab some black and white striped ribbon (also from Michael's) from another wreath I was no longer using.

Folding the ribbon upon itself a few times, I tied it in the middle with another zip tie, turning it into a quick little bow.

wreath 4

Leaving the end long, I simply stuck the plastic zip tie into the branches of the wreath (you can also just hot glue it in).

wreath 10

Once the wreath was hung, I stuck the last few flowers in any "holes" or spots that seemed to need more fullness.

wreath 9 Don't tell Bri over at Design Love Fest...but I secretly like mine better.

'Course I'm a sucker for color....so how could I not??

wreath 2

Think you might try making your own? 

If you do, tag me on your pics...I'd love to see!!

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