Finding your "people"

Some ladies have the blessing of living somewhere for years and years, resulting in living near their “people”. I am not that lady.

We moved around quite a bit through my childhood, and the same has been true in my marriage. We love adventure and have learned to be resilient, but can I be honest? It’s been hard to find my people! I’ve posted about this before (herehere, & here), but I was reminded about it again this weekend as I spent several days at one of my favorite conferences.

Because you know what? My people met each other.

Let me back up a bit. We’ve lived in Denver for a little over four years and little by little, God has given me the gift of friends who feel more like family. Ladies whom I adore so much that their joys make my heart soar and their struggles make me ache as if they’re mine.

But some of my people don’t live near me. Some of my most favorite people on the planet are peppered throughout the country (and world).

A few years ago I had a stalker.

Not the scary kind, but the sort that starts following you on Instagram and soon she followed me here on my blog and after a few months, finally reached out to me. She jokingly refers to herself in this way because she would read my posts and click through my photos, without engaging and commenting. So really, if this is the definition…then lock me up, because I stalk tons of people too! Anyway, we became friends over social media and after learning that she was a freelance editor, I hired her to help work on my book. We became fast friends, enjoying so many of the same things (books, interior design, Jesus, being a mom).

After about a year, I connected Meredith with my best friend Kiesha. It just made sense! I tired of texting them individually, repeating the same goofy stories about the kids or prayers and requests for advice. The three of us texted frequently. One in California, one in Texas, and me smack in the middle, in Colorado.

While visiting Meredith in San Diego, we had dinner with another friend. This sweet girl named Andrea, became a dear friend after meeting her through Kiesha several years before. She was quickly added as a fourth on our text string.

The four of us began living life together, though we were almost entirely in separate areas of the country. One of the kindest girls on the face of the earth emailed me (whom I’d also met on Instagram), asking if I had a roommate for a conference we had both signed up for. I told her I already did (Kiesha and Meredith), but if she didn’t mind bunking up with a bunch of girls she didn’t know…we’d love for her to join us!

That day Amy became our fifth…and we became what we refer to ourselves as, “the Fab Five” (cuz we’re cheesy like that).

Some of us are single moms and some of us don’t have kids. Some of us work outside the home, others stay home. Some travel a ton and some are homebodies. Some are outgoing extroverts and several of us are introverts needing a little extra time of quiet.

We are yin and yang and yet complement each other in so many beautiful ways.

Two in California, one in Wisconsin, one in Colorado, and one in Texas…and I was the only one who had met every one. Think about that for a minute: we text one another nearly every single day. We send photos of deals we find at Target, send videos of our ridiculously funny kids, tearfully share struggles, and stop and pray together with deep conviction. And yet, many of our group had never met face to face.

Until this weekend.

There was lots of squealing and hugs, many cups of coffee and glasses of wine shared.

Ya’ll… It. Was. Amazing.

Only in today’s culture could a friendship like ours cultivate the way it has. I love how God redeems social media and the age of the cellphone by gifting blessings like this.

I just want to encourage you, even if you haven’t found “your people” in your community yet, don’t fret.

Be the one who brings friends together.

It no longer matters if one is in the Midwest and another on the East Coast, yet you’re in the Pacific Northwest. We have the ability to connect people and prayerfully create a group that can be present and involved in the lives of each other.

Find a group in your neighborhood or community, yes. But I encourage you to bring together some of your favorite people, even if they’re not near you. Because they might be the Powerhouse your soul needs (they probably need it just as much as you do).

By yourself you’re unprotected.
With a friend you can face the worst.
Can you round up a third?
A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 . The Message


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xo Teresa