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I want to study God's Word on my own, but, if I'm honest, I don't know where to start. I get it...this was me a few years ago. I know what it feels like to open God's Word and feel aimless (and honestly – a little embarrassed). BUT knowing there had to be a better and easier way, I starting searching the best methods (yes I'm kind of a nerd). Now when I open God's Word, I feel equipped, ready to learn, and excited to see what HE has to say.

Bible Nerd will teach you how to study God's Word on your own. And instead of years of searching (like I did), you can learn how in 14 days! You will learn how to break apart Scripture and rebuild it in a way that makes sense. Bible Nerd will change the way you study and strengthen your relationship with Christ… just like it did mine.


This Guide Will Help You

  • Study God's Word on your own (without prewritten studies)
  • Go deeper in your walk with Jesus
  • Have a new approach to study Scripture – fresh fire
  • Learn why Greek & Hebrew is important


This Guide Features

  • 14 daily readings packed with rich content
  • An easy-to-use approach
  • Examples of how to break apart Scripture
  • Resources and tools to make studying easier



What others are saying

With a relatable and refreshing approach, Teresa Swanstrom Anderson empowers her readers to boldly walk with Jesus through studying his Word. I found myself encouraged and hopeful that, while I have never been to Seminary, I can treasure hunt through my Bible and fall in love with God's character like never before. The lessons from Bible Nerd will not quickly escape my mind or heart.
Kristen Hallinan
Director of Development at MOPS International
It wasn't until I understood how the Bible fit together that I began to crave God's Word everyday. I wanted to come back to see what God had waiting for me because the deeper I dove into His Word the more depth I found in my life. But, how do you get to this point? Where do you even begin? How do you use all of the tools in your Bible and the useful online tools? In just 2 weeks you can find the answers to these questions (& many more) that took me years to uncover. Teresa clearly and concisely helps you become a student of the Bible in her new 14-Day study, Bible Nerd. She keeps it real and interesting by weaving her personal journey of becoming a student of the Bible, and her love for God's Word is contagious! Whether you are just diving into the Bible, wanting to dig deeper, or have been studying the Bible for years, Teresa's journey through the Bible is sure to ignite a passion for God's Word in you!
Deana Uhrig
Creator of Anchored Press Devotional Planners
Teresa Swanstrom Anderson has done it again - creating another beautiful Bible study. Bible Nerd does a fantastic job of making it easier to understand and read the Bible.  Teresa is a passionate student and teacher. She is an introvert at heart, but her writing is bold and audacious.
Abigail Fisher
Holy Yoga Instructor
Deep down I have always wanted to be a "Bible nerd" or at least feel more confident in my ability to read, understand, and make deep connections in the bible. The Bible Nerd study is a tool that I had been missing in this journey! This is a great study that is quick and easy and will leave you felling equipped to become own biblical scholar!
Emily Betzler

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