I’d done the multi-level marketing thing before (a couple times, actually) and was so over it. It was mostly fun but I was tired all the awkwardness that surrounded it all.

Here’s the thing I’ve realized with Beautycounter: It doesn’t have to be lame or feel like a used car salesman is trying to get you to purchase stuff you don’t want. You don’t have to turn into that girl whose calls you no longer answer or that friend whom you avoid eye contact with because you know she’s going to ask you to join, buy, or host a party. Bleh.

This isn’t like that. Why? Because this is about education.

If you believe in the heart behind the product, then simply tell people about how incredible and life-changing it is. Share how thankful you feel knowing you’re putting safe products on yourself and on your kids.

The skin care and makeup is gorgeous and luxurious…yes…without a doubt. And the 60-day return policy is unreal (who else besides Nordstrom lets you return a nearly empty container?!). But it’s more than that.

What other brand goes before congress to effect change and advocate for laws to be amended and revised? Who else teaches and never forces anything on you but simply says, “now that you know better, do better”?

My ultimate goal is to see that we see cosmetic reform; that we actually pass a health protective law on a federal level. To increase awareness, to actively advocate for the need for safer ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products; to get people on both sides of the aisle realizing this isn’t a political issue, this is an American health issue. We can be a voice in Washington; we can mobilize our community at large to help us advocate for reform — that is of utmost importance to me.
— Greg Renfrew, Founder + CEO

There are SO many ways to be a consultant…each and every one of them without being that yucky salesgirl you never want to be.

There are also a multitude of ways to be successful while considering the season you’re currently in: the craziness of motherhood included.

Have a few more minutes? Then clicking around the icons below to learn more…or simply head to the Beautycounter website.

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